Commercial Use of Community Land
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Jan 2019

Council is committed to protecting community land for the use of the community. Commercial use of community land can benefit the community and its use of the land.

Council decides which areas of land can be used for commercial use by following its Community Land and Complementary Commercial Activity Policy[46KB]

Community use is put first and then council looks at how commercial activities could benefit the area and local residents.

Community land includes:

  • parks
  • roadways
  • pathways
  • footpaths
  • trails
  • beaches
  • foreshores
  • some waterways.


There are two types of permits for commercial use of community land:

High-use / high-impact permits

High-use / high-impact permits are for commercial activities that:

  • have a higher amount of use
  • are located in high profile areas
  • may have a more significant impact on the use of community land.

For example this could include a refreshment van at a fixed location.

Low-use / low-impact permits

Low-use / low-impact permits are for commercial activities that:

  • are not rated as high-use / high-impact
  • will have a lower amount of use.

For example this could include personal training on community land.

Activities could include fitness classes, itinerant vendors and activities managed by not-for-profit organisations.