Employment Programs: Traineeships, Cadetships and Graduates
  • Last updated:
  • 21 Apr 2017
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Council supports efforts to create jobs for youth, long-term unemployed and other groups.


Traineeships are an excellent opportunity for people with limited qualifications and limited work experience to obtain knowledge, practical on-the-job work experience and a certificate level qualification, providing a great start for future employment.

Council has thirteen (13) trainees working across council in 2017. These are 12 month and 18 month fulltime positions. Traineeship opportunities include:

  • Parks and Gardens
  • Conservation and Land Management 
  • ICTS 
  • Library and Cultural Services
  • Civil Construction 
  • Business Administration.

Council is proud of its traineeship program[1071KB] - discover some of the success stories.

My Summer Workplace

My Summer Workplace is a three month program from mid-November to mid-February each year. The program is open to university students and recent graduates. The program provides an opportunity to gain experience, apply knowledge and skills in the workplace; and build industry networks.

Cadetships and graduates

From time to time council seeks out cadets and graduates for professional roles. These positions are advertised in the media and promoted at relevant universities.