Cr Cox - Colour for our streets
  • Wednesday 15 June 2016

Colour for our streets

Have you seen the painted traffic signal box at Currimundi, near the Matilda Service Station? It’s one of five boxes that have been painted in Division 3 recently. The design is quite striking and very relevant to the area, with young turtles and hatchlings featured alongside sand and water. These painted boxes are a great way to add some colour and artistic flair to our streets – it’s interesting to spot the different designs while waiting at the traffic lights!

Winter is here

Now that the chilly nights have arrived, please keep your neighbours in mind when operating a wood fire as the smoke can sometimes be a nuisance. The firewood you choose can make a real difference to the amount of smoke emitted from a chimney, so my advice is to make sure you don’t use wet or green wood. Other things you can do to help keep smoke at bay include stacking the wood correctly to allow air flow and dryness, not overloading the fire with logs, and cleaning and maintaining your chimney.

Meet and greet

For my next ‘mobile office’ session I will be at Currimundi Market Place on Friday 24 June from 9-11am. Come along to have a chat about any local issues or council projects.