Cr OPray - Sunshine Coast Winter Bowls Carnival
  • Tuesday 22 July 2014

The Sunshine Coast Winter Bowls Carnival has just wrapped up and what a brilliant event it was. 2014 marks the 52nd carnival and it just continues to grow each year.

This year there were 10 events right across the region and more than 3000 bowlers and their families came to town.

While people of all ages are increasingly playing this year-round sport it’s still primarily enjoyed by seniors, who for this carnival travel from around Australia to enjoy the Sunshine Coast lifestyle for an average of five weeks!  So many of our events attract visitors to the region, but stays this long are quite unique and that’s great news for local businesses and our tourism industry.

But there’s another reason this Carnival, and the sport of lawn bowls in general, stands out from the rest. It provides a wonderful opportunity for older people in our community to keep active and maintain social connections – what better way to stay in touch with friends, and make new ones, than by exercising at the same time? As we all know it’s easier to stay motivated with our fitness goals when you’re working out with a friend, and there aren’t too many sports that allow equal parts exercise, skill and social the way bowls does.

Well done to everyone who organised and competed in this year’s Carnival.

First appeared in Why Fitness magazine July edition