Cr Robinson - Bringing our community groups together
  • Wednesday 14 March 2018

Bringing our community groups together

A huge thank you to Quota International of Coolum Beach for organising a day where a majority of community groups shared their story with one another. The aim of this unique meeting was to create an awareness of all the great work being done in the community and help build relationships and hopefully create better shared community outcomes. 

A really great outcome of this event was the sharing of contact details – clubs were invited to bring their flyers with their profile, objectives and key contact, and at the end of the event each group left with details for the others. This will help improve relationships and build stronger ties within the not-for-profit sector.

A major milestone for our airport expansion

It’s an exciting time for Sunshine Coast Council's largest construction project. Council recently announced that one of Australia's leading engineering firms has been awarded a contract worth around $225 million for the airport expansion project. John Holland Group was the winning tenderer and work will now get underway. Dredging works will commence mid-year, during a window of time that is outside turtle breeding season.

Community aviation forum

I recently attended the inaugural Sunshine Coast Airport Community and Aviation Forum. The purpose of this forum is to ensure that community views and effectively heard by the airport and to provide members the opportunity to raise issues on related aviation matters. During the meeting, a comprehensive presentation was provided on the airport expansion project and on general Sunshine Coast Airport operations. The meeting was chaired by Mr Ron Brent, who has extensive experience in aviation matters and was previously Aircraft Noise Ombudsman.