Cr Rogerson - A designer dunny for Kenilworth
  • Sunday 01 March 2015

Flooding in the Valley

You’re probably aware Kenilworth was cut off by flooding during the recent heavy rain delivered by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Marcia. I came in to town on Saturday to see how things were going and along with Lenore Meldrum, checked that Energex were on board to avoid a repeat of the prolonged power outages experienced in 2013. It was great to see collaboration between Energex, other agencies, Council and the local community group disaster management coordinators – everyone did a fantastic job and our region was lucky to escape any significant damage from this severe weather.

The new Moy Pocket Bridge survived the most extreme flooding since it was built in 2013, however the road leading up to it sustained some damage and Council was straight on to these repairs. This bridge floods much less frequently than the lower, old bridge and recent rain fall was one of those ‘once in a blue moon’ events that will see it go under.

A designer dunny for Kenilworth                              

The ‘Designer Dunny’ working group, which is made up of passionate Kenilworth community members, recently met with Council officers to discuss the amenities block for Isaac Moore Park that will double as an outstanding sculptural art piece. Council’s Infrastructure Service Director assured me and the group that his department is 100% behind this project and I look forward to seeing it progress. We’re considering how to invite submissions for this structural masterpiece but one thing is very clear – it will be a piece that aims to catch the eye of visitors from far and wide!

Kenilworth War Memorial

Sunshine Coast Council will start work on the Kenilworth War Memorial in the first week of March, with construction scheduled for completion well before Anzac Day. This memorial will be near the Peter Dobson car park on the Maleny-Kenilworth Road, and includes three new flagpoles, a memorial wall, memorial plaques and service emblems and surrounding landscaping. I am funding this project 100% through my discretionary fund and it’s being delivered by Council, after much frustration from the community and me following unsuccessful applications to the State government. This memorial is so important to honour our fallen soldiers, and also to demonstrate to the people of Kenilworth that they are an integral part of Division 10 and the wider Sunshine Coast community.

First published in the March edition of Mary Valley Voice