Cr Rogerson - Anzac Day
  • Thursday 28 May 2015

Anzac Day

I was blown away by the crowd at the Nambour service. It was excellent to see such a huge turnout. There were people in the playground, on the gazebo roofs and in the trees, all looking for a vantage point to see the proceedings over the crowd.

My accolades go to Steve Pallot, Bill Sawrey, Len Bebbington and the entire RSL Sub-branch for the professional and dignified way the commemorations were conducted.

I was pleased to see such a positive reaction to the Heroes Walk too, with people showing much enthusiasm and optimism when scrutinising the memorial. A lot of people may have missed one of the best features of the Walk – on the corner of Matthew Street stand three bollards with metal service hats representing the services. The hats are a special touch that has been very well received by everyone who has spotted them.

It is projects like these that really lift people’s sense of pride in a town and make them appreciate where they live, work and play.

Council’s support for tram still on track

April’s Council meeting was the day Nambour Tram supporters had been waiting for. While the decision to allocate funding wasn’t as firm as I had hoped – due to the Local Government Act not permitting budget allocations before May 31 – Council voted to consider an initial contribution of $500,000 towards the tram in the 2015/16 budget.

I took this to the meeting hoping for the project to be endorsed, as I wanted to make sure Council has ‘skin in the game’. While I’m cognisant of the fact we only have 70-80% support for this project (leaving a smaller percentage of people with negative views), discussing the tram in an open forum with my fellow councillors demonstrated the desire for further progress in the town.

War on Weeds

Help Council fight the battle against weeds, and grab some native plants for your garden at the same time. Just bring one shopping bag full of weeds along to the swap event to take home three free native replacement plants.

  • Nambour – Quota Extension Park, Price Buster Car Park off Howard St – May 27 at 8-10am

See you round the region, Rogo

First appeared in Sunshine Valley Gazette on May 27