Cr Rogerson - Hinterland Connect
  • Thursday 02 July 2015

Hinterland Connect

In great news for our hinterland residents, the State Government has committed to fully fund the Hinterland Connect bus service, which provides vital public transport between Maleny and Nambour. Back in 2007, I used divisional funding to start the Hinterland Connect service and I’m thrilled more and more people have used it over the years to get it to this point. Since I allocated the initial funding, Council has part-funded the trial service through its Transport Levy. I wholeheartedly thank the State Government for this commitment to the service and to the people of Division 10.

Sprucing up Yandina

As part of my role as Place Management and Delivery portfolio councillor, I’m continuously working to improve the many wonderful places and spaces around our region. I’ve been delighted to recently progress landscaping near the Yandina IGA. As this is in Division 10, I was also able to allocate $4000 of divisional funding to this work. It’s going to look fantastic – the lovely natives with flowers will attract birds and butterflies, the fresh turf will neaten it up and the jute matting will prevent weeds. Council staff have been great in helping me progress this quickly. Thanks also to Department of Transport and Main Roads for contributing funding.

Raising funds for our tram

You’ve probably heard Council allocated $500,000 in funding towards the Nambour Heritage Tram in last week’s budget. It’s great news for this long awaited project. The community now needs to raise $600,000 towards the project, through fundraising and philanthropic donations. We’re not wasting any time – planning is underway for the very first ‘Trackfest’. It’s on August 1 starting at 4pm and I invite you to join us in Howard Street for an afternoon of fun, food and festivity – all in the name of bringing the tram to town. The Nambour Alliance and I, along with the Nambour Heritage Tramway Group and the entire community are banding together for this one-of-a-kind fundraising event. I’d like to thank Verifact for their help so far – we’ll be closing off part of Howard Street, which does of course require a team effort.

Did you know….

That people and machines sort our recycling? Please rinse your recycling in old dishwater where possible to make the process easier. Another tip to help you do your bit.