Nambour Heritage Tram still on track for Council support
  • Friday 24 April 2015

Council has voted to consider an initial contribution of $500,000 towards the Nambour Heritage Tram in the 2015/16 budget.

Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson, who proposed the funding for this project after a feasibility report was presented, said Council would work closely with the Nambour Heritage Tramway Group.

“Council has agreed to consider the initial $500,000 in its budget next financial, with the potential to contribute a further $500,000 in each of the following two years,” Cr Rogerson said.

“This $500,000, if endorsed in the next budget, would demonstrate to potential funding partners that Council is committed to this project.

“A total of $2.1 million is required to get the tram running, and after Council determines its maximum contribution the remainder will be provided by the Nambour Heritage Tramway Group’s fundraising, other levels of government, and philanthropists.

“Council’s initial contribution would be used for land acquisition, buildings, and track and traffic signal upgrades.

“While Council will play a major role in getting this project going, it is ultimately a partnership with the Heritage Tramway Group who will operate the tram.

“Should the project receive funding approval, Council officers will prepare a report to further detail key project hold points, project milestones and potential funding partnerships for Council to consider before the end of this year.

“We still have a lot of work to do, and Council’s funding contribution is still to be considered for approval during the budget process, but this is a positive message for this project and for Nambour in general.

“The tram has the potential to help strengthen the identity and uniqueness of Nambour and will create a point of difference for residents and visitors.

“It will also provide a public transport option for residents who shop at both ends of town, which will help achieve Council’s goal of a sustainable local economy.

“This project is all about our cultural identity and embracing Nambour’s history.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind project that has really captured the hearts of the Nambour community and I’ll continue to support it however possible.”

Fast facts

  • The tram is proposed to run between the Coles Shopping Centre and Aldi.
  • The proposed tram is a 600mm gauge (the distance between the rails), solar powered electric battery model. There are no electric overhead cables. It would be the only one of its kind in the world running on a heritage rail line.