VENUE 114 heralds a new era by the lake
  • Wednesday 08 August 2018

A traditional Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony marked the dawning of a new era today (August 8) with the unveiling of a new contemporary name and brand for council’s Lake Kawana Community Centre’s history, now to be known as VENUE 114 (one one four).

As part of the change, the walls of VENUE 114 have been brought to life with the help of three local artists who have created murals which reflect local scenes, creating movement and energy throughout the facility.

VENUE 114 has also opened a sustainable focused espresso bar, aptly named ZEST, which promotes healthy eating and healthy minds.

Acting Mayor Tim Dwyer said performance and community venues were a valuable asset on the Sunshine Coast and it was important they remained contemporary, providing diverse spaces for diverse events.

“Today’s renaming of the popular Lake Kawana Community Centre to VENUE 114 is a significant milestone for this community-focused council facility,” Cr Dwyer said.

“Performance and community venues are often seen as an attractor for surrounding investment, growth and economic development and the renaming ensures this venue remains current and modern to a broader target audience.

“This is in keeping with our vision is to be Australia’s most sustainable region – one that is healthy, smart and creative.”

Division 3 Councillor Peter Cox said Lake Kawana Community Centre had brought a range of diverse events to the region since its opening in 2005.

“It is now time for a name change and VENUE 114 will continue to cater for a diverse range of events, and offer captivating, creative experiences that will engage, excite and challenge our audiences,” Cr Cox said.

“Socially and culturally, VENUE 114 will remain a great place for interaction and participation in community and cultural life.

“There is no doubt experiencing a show extends beyond the stage, and communities can become invigorated by vibrant and diverse arts and cultural experiences like we have on show here.

“Whether it be hosting music superstars like chart-busting Guy Sebastian or Queensland Ballet dance workshops – there is literally something for everyone.

“The events on offer at VENUE 114 will captivate and create experiences that engage, excite and challenge our audiences.”

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VENUE 114 mural artist biographies

Fuzeillear has been living and working on the Sunshine Coast for the past nine years, developing a style that brings a sense to calm and peace to our public spaces. She works with layers of watered down paint to create depth and shadows, allowing the layers to drip in what she describes as a collaboration with the paint. Fuzeillear has designed a piece for Venue 114 that draws from the meaning of the indigenous word “Kawana”, meaning wild flowers.

David Houghton + EJ Zyla

Energy, flow, movement and connection to the ocean vibes of the Sunshine Coast was an inspiration for the elements in this joint VENUE 114 artwork. David and EJ chose to marry two specific elements to link the themes above, creating a balance with the organic and the constructed.

The organic shapes in the local naturally occurring pink seaweed photographed by David Houghton allow the blue ribboning of EJ’s to play amongst the space of the site by weaving in and out, like you would find the seaweed doing in its natural environment. The ribboning moves amongst the seaweed like a song or current affecting its form. The two elements create a flow of energy and movement. The blues represent the colours of the ocean, complementing the pink of the seaweed. The seats are a mirror to the main wall. The design is adjusted to the angular architectural nature of the seats.

EJ Zyla
EJ Zyla considers herself a self-taught artist with a predisposition for fine arts, using design-based approaches as narrative. She also uses highly detailed “other-worldly” line work to form a visual dialogue that touch on underlying themes such as energy, connection and critical thinking.

As an emerging public artist, EJ has a background in exhibiting but now focuses on creating private and public commissioned pieces locally and nationally for the community and festivals. She has recently participated in Brisbane Street Art Festival, First Coat and Ocean Street Festival, to name a few.

David W Houghton
Inspired by the natural environment, David’s work often combines images of native wildlife with elements of colour and geometry, seeking to create meaningful art works that insight appreciation for the natural world. David works with photographic images, taken by himself and professional photographers to create his art works.
David has produced a diverse range of creative commissions including photo realistic portraits, scenic underwater, flora and fauna murals, modern contemporary pieces and vibrant street art that can be seen across Queensland.

Image captions:

Image 1: Pictured left to right: Tourism, Events and Sport Portfolio Cr Jason O’Pray, Acting Mayor Tim Dwyer and Division 3 Cr Peter Cox at the launch of VENUE 114, formerly known as Lake Kawana Community Centre.
Image 2: Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony performed by Goombuckar Creations and the Sunrise Dancers at the launch of VENUE 114, formerly known as Lake Kawana Community Centre.