What lifts you Sunshine Coast?
  • Friday 13 February 2015

In a first for Queensland, high profile New York City artist Kelsey Montague has been commissioned by Council to create a large interactive art mural for all the community to enjoy.

Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said Kelsey Montague will visit the Sunshine Coast on February 28 to complete the beautiful #whatliftsyou set artwork of an ornate set of wings.

“When the interactive mural is complete, the community can obtain a photo of themselves with a large pair of beautiful wings─just like singer Taylor Swift did recently in New York City.

“This artwork is a great way to let the world know the arts and culture scene on the Sunshine Coast is very much alive.”

Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer said on the day Kelsey is creating her #whatliftsyou artwork council will hold an InstaMeet event from 3-4pm on February 28 to allow keen Instagrammers, residents and visitors to collect a range of unique photos of the Digital Disruption exhibition in Caloundra Regional Gallery.

When the Intagrammers arrive at the Gallery they will be provided with a cheat sheet on Instagram handles and hashtags to use during the InstaMeet. People will meet back up at 4pm to upload their images while Kelsey is completing the #whatliftsyou artwork magical angel wings.

“People can obtain photos of a six-legged electric walking bubble blowing robot, absurd and whimsical machines, animations, projections and more.

“But if you aren’t a keen Instagrammer, or don’t even know what it is that’s fine, as you can simply come along and view the innovative Digital Disruption exhibition and view Kelsey’s artwork.

“The artwork will pop up across the Coast at various events and locations for people to have their photo and share with their Instagram and facebook friends and followers.”

New York City artist Kelsey Montague said #whatliftsyou is a global campaign and she wants to see the wings in cities all over the world.

“I want people to have the opportunity to join this really cool online community and share what inspires them in their life,” she said.

“Most of my social media posts deal with art woven into the fabric of a person’s life. That is also why most of my commissioned work is on the street. I want people to stop and ‘step into’ one of my interactive pieces and become a living work of art for a moment.

"I want to create community online. How cool is it to post a picture within a hashtag that literally has people from around the world all talking about the inspiration in their life? It’s cooler than I could have dreamed!

"Each wing is unique and the images within are designed to represent the city they exist in. In the Sunshine Coast artwork I will fill each set of wings with images that represent that specific community."

Visit council’s gallery website to find out more details.

Artist Bio
Kelsey Montagues’ interactive art murals reflect a unique worldview. Originally from Colorado, Montague has lived in Florence, London, New York City and Los Angeles. Singer Taylor Swift has shared a photo of her standing in front of the stunning wings in New York City.

Each work is intuitively created, revealing multiple, intricate layers. These ‘drawings within drawings’ are imbued with memories, dreams, emotions and, above all, the artist’s belief that everyone should have the opportunity to become a ‘living work of art.’

Montague studied Art, Design and Media, with combined studies, at Richmond, the American International University in London, where she received an American Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a British Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honors.

Her large interactive murals have taken her to NYC, Denver, Las Vegas and San Jose, Costa Rica. Montague’s observations and experiences are translated into her drawings, offering an intricate interactive piece that is both broadly universal and deeply personal.

Visit www.kelseymontagueart.com for more information.