Yaroomba Beach proposal approved
  • Thursday 21 June 2018

The Yaroomba Beach Master Plan which will deliver a new five-star hotel, public parklands, new surf lifesaving facilities and public beach access points linked with a new Coastal Pathway was approved by Sunshine Coast Council today.

The proposal by applicants Sekisui House included a number of changes to the original development application in response to submissions received by council.

The key changes to the application included:

  • Reduction in the proposed residential density of the development from 1086 dwellings to 740 dwellings and retaining a 220 room hotel.
  • Delivery of a Coastal Pathway into the development
  • Dedication of an additional 80 public car parking spaces located adjacent to the future community centre
  • Removal of 16 dwelling house lots to create a new beachside public park

“The scale of the development application before council today was reduced by the applicant from the version presented to council some time ago,” a council spokesperson said.

“There are 249 conditions placed on the approval to further mitigate any impacts to ensure compliance with council requirements, and the applicant has agreed to enter into an infrastructure agreement that ensures material public benefits of open space, accessibility and a new coastal village and patrolled beach.

“Council’s approval today will ensure the developer delivers not only on the expectations of council but delivers on the commitments and promises made to the residents of the Sunshine Coast.”

The spokesperson said council had many reasons for approving the proposal, and was pleased with the inclusion of a community benefits package.

“The SEQ Regional Plan forecasts that our region’s population will reach more than 500,000 by 2041.

“That is an additional 200,000 new residents coming to the Sunshine Coast over the next 20 years and our council is doing the planning now to accommodate this growth.

“Through sound planning, our council consistently aims to maintain our lifestyle advantages and the distinctive character of the communities that make up our region.

"Together with the game changing Sunshine Coast Airport project, the Yaroomba Beach master plan will assist in providing access to five-star facilities, domestic and international visitors – and our residents – seek.”

Submissions received from the community, during the community consultation period, led to the applicant reducing the scale and a redesign of the proposal to take into account concerns raised.

“It is important to note that every application is assessed against its individual merits and Yaroomba Beach is not comparable to any other current or future development proposals.”

The community benefits package, includes, but is not limited to:

  • delivery of a high-end five-star resort complex (hotel) and conference facilities that would satisfy current and future tourism demand for luxury accommodation product on the Sunshine Coast
  • transfer of approximately 2ha of park land/reserve available to the public
  • contribution toward road upgrades and recreational facilities within the Coolum and Yaroomba area
  • provision of surf lifesaving facilities
  • provision of public beach access points
  • construction and dedication of land for public coastal pathways.

The spokeksperson said the inclusion of the community package was an added benefit to the community.

The application proposes a combination of community benefits such as the transfer of park land into publicly-owned bushland reserves to link up with other publicly-owned environmental and coastal pathways.

“Further contributions towards improvements to the Coolum and Yaroomba road network will be appreciated by many locals.

“There are stringent requirements about landscaping, building heights, density and measures to minimise any potential problems with noise and light and there is a range of mitigation measures that will be taken into account when formulating a turtle management plan for the area.

“Other potential issues with the application were identified early in the assessment process and, overall, it has been demonstrated that matters relating to flooding, traffic and noise can be satisfactorily addressed and mitigated through council’s strict conditions of approval.

“Before granting an approval council considered an extensive technical report.

“The assessment team included specialists in the fields of civil engineering, water quality, urban design, ecology, environmental health and landscaping, as well as external experts engaged by council to review the technical reports submitted by the applicant.

“We need to recognise the relevance of the officer report, which determined a community  and economic need for the development.

"This is the type of investment that the Sunshine Coast economy needs as the overall development will support the local building and construction industry as well as providing future employment for locals.

“The application was brought before council due to its significant community interest and the value of the development.

“Council considered submissions from people opposed to and in favour of the application.

“There is an overwhelming public need for a high-end five-star resort complex and conference facilities in our region that can provide an undeniable economic boost.

“If we are to capitalise on future tourism and business opportunities, that premium level of accommodation and facilities, currently missing from our offering, will need to be filled in various locations across the Coast.”

Further information about the development application can be viewed via PD Online