Organisation Structure
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Aug 2017

The Chief Executive Officer heads council's organisation structure[77KB].

The Office of the Mayor and CEO comprises the Strategy and Coordination, Meeting Management, Legal Services, and Audit and Assurance. This Office reports directly to the CEO.

Each of the five departments each headed by a Director. The departments are: Economic Development and Major Projects, Community Services, Corporate Services, Infrastructure Services, and Planning and Environment.

Economic Development and Major Projects department has the following branches:

  • Economic Development
  • Sunshine Coast Airport
  • Communications
  • Commercial Projects
  • Community Services department has the following branches:

  • Community Response
  • Community Relations
  • Community Planning and Facilities
  • Corporate Services department has the following branches:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Procurement and Contracts
  • Finance
  • Information Communication Technology Services
  • Human Resources
  • Property Management
  • Infrastructure Services department has the following branches:

  • Project Delivery
  • Civil Asset Management
  • Environmental Operations
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Fleet and Quarry Services
  • Transport Infrastructure Management
  • Waste and Resources Management
  • Planning and Environment department has the following branches:

  • Development Services
  • Environment and Sustainability Policy
  • Major Urban Developments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transport and Infrastructure Policy
  • Council's leadership team consists of:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Mr Michael Whittaker
  • Economic Development and Major Projects: Greg Laverty
  • Community Services Director: Coralie Nichols
  • Corporate Services Director: Ray Turner
  • Infrastructure Services Director: Andrew Ryan
  • Planning and Environment Director: Warren Bunker
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Craig Matheson
  • Executive Manager Office of the Mayor and CEO: Brendan Hogan.
  • Council's business units include:

  • Sunshine Coast Airport
  • Sunshine Coast Holiday Parks
  • Waste and Resource Managment Facilities