Making an Application
  • Last updated:
  • 25 Sep 2017

Requests for access to documents under the Right to Information (RTI) and Information Privacy (IP) legislation exclude documents that are readily available by other means. For example, minutes of council meetings are mostly readily available public documents, which can be accessed by the community. Before making a formal Right to Information application, check council’s website or contact council about the location and availability of information.

The following Acts offer a formal way to request access to council information that is not publicly available.

Information privacy applications 

The IP Act provides for:
  • access to personal information in council’s possession or under council’s control
  • amending personal information in council’s possession or under council’s control.
Documents about council policies or actions that may affect you are not your 'personal information'. Only individuals can have personal information. 

Access is provided unless giving access or allowing an amendment is not in the public interest. 

Fees and charges

There are no fees to access or amend personal information under the IP Act. 

Application forms

You cannot apply online. You must download and complete an application form. Send the completed form to council. These forms are on the Right to Information website.

You must prove your identity when asking for access to documents that contain your personal information. The types of proof you can supply are found on page 3 of the application form. 

Right to Information applications

To access documents that do not contain your personal information, you need to lodge an RTI application. This includes:

  • documents which are not about you
  • documents about another person
  • a council decision or policy.

Fees and charges

The application fee from 1 July 2017 is $48.00. Cheque or money-order must be made payable to Sunshine Coast Council. You may also be charged for:

  • processing documents (if your application takes longer than five hours to process) - $7.45 for each 15 minutes or part thereof
  • access to documents (A4 photocopy black and white) - $0.25 for each page.
Processing and access charges are payable when council notifies you of the decision about your application.
The application fee for RTI applications cannot be waived. If you have a valid healthcare card or concession card, a written application can be made to have the processing and / or access charges waived. 

Application forms

You cannot apply online. You need to download and complete an application form from the RTI website. Send the completed form to council with your fee payment.

Processing timeframes

Council is required to process your application within 25 business days from receiving a valid application. This timeframe can be extended in some circumstances (for example where council needs to consult with a third party, or council requests additional time to consider the application).

Submit your application

Send completed applications to:

Right to Information
Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Locked Bag 72
SCMC Qld 4560

More information

For more information please contact council's RTI team: