Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Pest Management Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Apr 2017

In 2012 Council adopted the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Pest Management Plan 2012-2016 (the Plan) in accordance with the requirements of the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 (the Land Protection Act).

The Plan provides guidance to the activities that respond to the threat and impact of weeds and pest animals on the Sunshine Coast’s local biodiversity and agricultural industry and was meant to cease in July 2016 under the Land Protection Act.

On the 01 July 2016, the Land Protection Act was replaced by the new Biosecurity Act 2014 (the Act). 

Under the new Act:

  • there will be no substantive change for the role of local government (prevention, response, management);
  • the main biosecurity function of each local government will continue to be the management of invasive plants and animals in its area;
  • a more comprehensive range of response tools and associated powers can be tailored to address the unique nature and tactical challenges presented by individual biosecurity threats;
  • management approaches for pest and diseases will be outcomes focused; and
  • local governments are required to produce pest management plans in the form of biosecurity plans

The current Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Pest Management Plan 2012-2016 will continue as an interim measure while a new Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Biosecurity Plan is developed.   


The Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Pest Management Plan provides a foundation for managing weeds and pest animals across the Sunshine Coast. The plan meets the local government requirements outlined in the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002.


The plan applies to all land within the boundaries of the Sunshine Coast local government area. It targets pest species that are declared pests under the Land Protection Act, as well as non-declared species that have been identified as locally significant pests.

The plan:

  • establishes local pest management priorities
  • defines stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • sets strategies and actions for pest management
  • sets achievable objectives that address the economic, environmental and social impacts of pest plants and animals
  • ensures resources are targeted at high priority activities and those most likely to succeed
  • includes measures for monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness.

View the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Pest Management Plan 2012-2016:

A combined approach to pest management

The plan is to be implemented by a wide range of organisations, groups and individuals including council, government agencies, industry, natural resource management groups, research institutions and landowners.

Community engagement

Stakeholder working groups were formed to guide the development of the plan and a draft version was available for public comment from 18 September 2010 to 15 November 2010. Council reviewed the submissions received and considered these when finalising the plan.


The plan is a key action of the Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2020, which recognises weeds and pest animals as a significant threat to biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast. Weeds and pest animals degrade landscapes, natural ecosystems and impact on people's lifestyles.

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