Sunshine Coast Skate and BMX Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 04 Dec 2016

Council adopted the Sunshine Coast Skate and BMX Plan at its Ordinary Meeting on 2 February 2011. The plan will assist council to make future decisions about skate and BMX parks in the region.


The plan has been formed to guide the planning, development and management of the Skate and BMX network across the Sunshine Coast area.


Skate and BMX facilities play a major role in the region’s community infrastructure. It is also key in building the social capital of children and young people. It is important that council understands this role and develops a framework that responds to population growth and the changing needs of skate and BMX facility users. This will ensure future facilities:

  • are suitably located
  • properly outfitted
  • cater for a range of different users.

The plan:

  • offers a 10-year maintenance plan for facilities
  • provides detailed guidance for expansion of existing facilities
  • recommends sites for development
  • ensures future facilities are suitably located, developed and managed
  • confirms sites will offer differing recreational experiences.

The plan is in two parts:

Community engagement

To form the plan council engaged the community between June and August 2010 through:

  • skate and BMX reference group meetings
  • councillor telephone interviews
  • council officer workshops
  • state government agency interviews
  • BMX sporting clubs
  • local businesses
  • Skateboarding Australia interviews
  • online forum
  • school workshops‘meet us in the park’ events
  • community sector workshop
  • telephone interviews
  • key stakeholder interviews
  • roving interviews.

Council wanted the plan to reflect the ideas, aspirations and concerns of the community, but mostly users of the facilities.


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to providing a diverse range of quality skate and BMX facilities.

The need to prepare a regional skate and BMX plan came from:

  • a large number of requests to improve and increase facilities
  • priority of capital projects to meet demand
  • defining the role of council when providing facilities
  • council’s desire to encourage healthy and balanced lifestyles and promote physical activity and recreation.


For more information contact council’s customer service centre.