Sunshine Coast Affordable Living Strategy
  • Last updated:
  • 22 May 2017

Council adopted the Affordable Living Strategy in August 2010 and refreshed the document in August 2014 to reflect the new Sunshine Coast local government area.

To ensure council’s policy intent remains contemporary and progressive, the Affordable Living Strategy 2010-2020 has been reviewed with the core principles used to inform the preparation of council’s bold, new-generation Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy. This Draft Strategy provides long-term strategic direction to guide growth and shape the Sunshine Coast for future generations to 2041.

To view a full copy of the Draft Strategy and have your say, please visit council's Have Your Say Sunshine Coast website. Submissions close 5 pm Sunday 4 June 2017.


The Affordable Living Strategy identifies the actions needed to make the Sunshine Coast local government area a more affordable and sustainable place to live.


The Sunshine Coast has been identified as a region with significant housing affordability challenges and opportunities.

Affordable living encompasses more than the financial cost of living and housing. It aims to facilitate a Sunshine Coast society that is inclusive, improves well being and provides opportunities to all residents.

The Sunshine Coast has high housing costs relative to income, and experiences high levels of housing stress. Population growth has been constant, a mismatch of its housing and demographic profiles. Car dependency is high and there is limited house diversity.

In response, council is implementing the Sunshine Coast Affordable Living Strategy[5969KB] 

The Affordable Living Strategy highlights the need to improve housing diversity and affordability within self-contained neighbourhoods. It also promotes improved transport choices with better housing and resource efficiency. This in turn will improve access to essential facilities and services and help to create opportunities for all residents.

The strategy guides council's future planning on the Sunshine Coast. It provides a platform for strengthened partnerships with government, industry and the not-for-profit housing sector.

More specifically the strategy aims to:

  • Guide council's planning and operational activities
  • Improve partnerships with key stakeholders and advocate for change
  • Highlight a consistent course of action regarding development
  • Conduct more research and strengthen understanding around housing needs.

Affordable Living Principles

Affordable Living, achieved through combining seven principles, aims to create a Sunshine Coast society that is:

  • inclusive
  • improves well being
  • provides for a sustainable future.

Council's interactive diagram shows how the seven principles of affordable living may apply in practice in building Sunshine Coast communities.

Fact Sheets

Council has prepared fact sheets about the seven affordable living outcomes. The fact sheets will help you understand and adopt the seven principles of affordable living.

Task Force

In June 2008, council established the Housing Affordability Task Force as an advisory group on housing policy and strategy.

The taskforce plays an important role in:

  • raising the profile of housing affordability
  • providing current best practise information
  • funding opportunities
  • innovative, creative solutions to council for consideration.

For more information about the taskforce,