Sunshine Coast Social Infrastructure Strategy
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Apr 2017

Council adopted the Social Infrastructure Strategy 2011 in March 2011 and refreshed the document in August 2014 to reflect the new Sunshine Coast local government area.

To ensure council’s policy intent remains contemporary and progressive, the Social Infrastructure Strategy 2011 has been reviewed with the core principles used to inform the preparation of council’s bold, new-generation Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy. This Draft Strategy provides long-term strategic direction to guide growth and shape the Sunshine Coast for future generations to 2041.

To view a full copy of the Draft Strategy and have your say, please visit council's Have Your Say Sunshine Coast website. Submissions close 5 pm Sunday 4 June 2017.


The Strategy provides a framework to ensure that existing and future communities have access to a full range of social infrastructure for the next 20 years.

The vision of the Strategy is "The Sunshine Coast is well serviced by social infrastructure which meets the needs of our diverse population, provides a focus for communities and contributes to community wellbeing and the economy. Our social infrastructure enables our communities to be creative, active and healthy, strengthening the Sunshine Coast as a community of communities".


Social infrastructure includes the key community facilities that provide places to meet, interact and undertake activities.

Investment in social infrastructure is important for the health, wellbeing and economic prosperity of our community; it promotes and supports community and business interactions.

The Sunshine Coast is a thriving sub-regional community within South East Queensland. Ensuring appropriate social infrastructure is provided for the existing and future populations and integrating its provision with urban development is one of our many challenges.

In response and to assist in achieving the corporate vision to be Australia’s most sustainable region – vibrant, green diverse, Council is implementing the Sunshine Coast Social Infrastructure Strategy 2011.

The Strategy identifies and assesses existing social infrastructure provision, outlines contemporary challenges and opportunities and recommends the rate of provision for additional facilities.

Six desired outcomes are identified within the Strategy:

  1. Strong network of community hubs
  2. Maximising economic benefit
  3. Well-designed services and facilities
  4. Involved and connected communities
  5. Strong partnerships and alliances
  6. Well-resourced communities.

View the Social Infrastructure Strategy 2011:

Social Infrastructure Strategy Part One[3799KB]

Social Infrastructure Strategy Part Two[2882KB]

Kawana Waters Community Development Strategy

This strategy is one of many pieces of work that informs the Sunshine Coast Social Infrastructure Strategy.

The Kawana Waters Community Development Strategy:

  • determines the community facilities required to accommodate the needs of the designated Kawana Waters area
  • provides a framework for the timing and form of development of these facilities
  • provides the context for a wider strategy which will identify plans and programs for community development, actions required, responsible stakeholders and estimated costs to implement these.

Final locations for facilities will be investigated and determined by Neighbourhood Planning approved through the Master Planned Community Development Process.

View the Kawana Waters Community Development Strategy[3280KB].


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