Sunshine Coast Waterways and Coastal Management Strategy
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Feb 2017

Council adopted the Waterways and Coastal Management Strategy at its Ordinary Meeting on 2 February 2011.

This Strategy was refreshed in August 2014 replacing the 2011 version. The intent of the refresh was to deliver cosmetic changes and reflect the new Sunshine Coast local government area whilst maintaining the approved policy content.



The Strategy provides Council with direction and a management framework to ensure the region’s natural waterways, constructed water bodies and coastal foreshores are ecologically healthy and well managed.


Waterways and coastal foreshores are valuable assets that underpin the region’s natural capital, its identity, prosperity and lifestyle. Our waterways create unique and valuable aquatic ecosystems and by directing water across the landscape through streams, creeks and rivers, they help to sustain a terrestrial environment. Our waterways also provide us with opportunities for recreation and relaxation and support the coastal lifestyle that we all enjoy and many of the industries that contribute to our local economy.

However the coastal areas and river catchments are under pressure from a range of management challenges that have potentially serious environmental, economic and social consequences for a community highly reliant on these assets.

In response to addressing these challenges and to assist in achieving the corporate vision to be Australia’s most sustainable region – vibrant, green diverse, Council is implementing the Sunshine Coast Waterways and Coastal Management Strategy 2011-2021.

The Strategy outlines Council’s adopted policy position for waterways and coastal management and assists to:

  • Inform Council’s waterway and coastal management planning and operation activities
  • Guide Council decision making and community initiatives in relation to waterway and coastal management
  • Drive a range of strategies and actions that will assist to deliver the Strategy's vision
  • Engage the community and key stakeholders to build and consolidate the partnerships

View the Waterways and Coastal Management Strategy:


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