Bulcock Street Streetscape Project
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Jan 2017

The Bulcock Street Streetscape Master Plan includes a streetscape design that builds on the existing character of Bulcock Street and make sure it remains a safe and enjoyable place for visitors and locals. The upgrade enhances the look and experience of the area, improves safety and access, and provides a new drawcard which maintains and builds a sustainable economy for Caloundra.

Project scope

The Bulcock Street Streetscape project will ensure the heart of Caloundra looks good. It will visually improve the city centre and streetscape, and improve safety, and access.

Project update

Stage 1 and 2

Stage 1 and 2 of the Bulcock Street Streetscape project are complete.

Stage 3 (lower)

Council started construction of Stage 3 (lower) in March 2016, and major construction works were completed early December 2016 in time for the Christmas and New Year holiday season. This stage of the works included the area from Felicity Park to the eastern side of the Minchinton Street roundabout.

The streetscape upgrade has significantly enhanced the look and experience of the area, improved safety and access, and provides a new drawcard which maintains and builds a sustainable economy for Caloundra.

This stage of the upgrade included:
  • a reshaped roadway and footpath, which removes the upright kerbs, for more pedestrian-focused, functional street and event space use
  • a major stormwater drainage upgrade to reduce flooding and protect the Pumicestone Passage
  • additional street furniture, more trees and shrubs, directional signage and public art.


As part of Stage 3 (lower), a new high capacity underground stormwater drainage system has been installed along Otranto Avenue and part of Bulcock Street. It includes a major subsurface stormwater filter, which will help prevent rubbish from entering the Pumicestone Passage and improve water quality.

Tree replacement

Both council and independent arborists determined that the existing roadside fig trees present significant safety issues caused by structural instability, property damage caused by root systems and ongoing maintenance costs.

New advanced size street trees, of a more suitable species, have replaced six fig trees in Bulcock Street. Council replaced the fig trees while the streetscape upgrade was underway to minimise disruption to businesses and the community. The new trees installed were selected as the best species for a new look Bulcock Street and were grown especially for the street.

The fig trees in the roundabouts will remain.

Future works

In 2017, council will install:

  • a region-first dynamic canopy lighting feature, which will also provide shade to the street during the day
  • install further advanced smart city technology, which will use information and communication technologies to connect people and processes in a way that makes the town more liveable, workable and sustainable. This includes automatic traffic bollards, additional free Wi-Fi points, sensors for waste bins and car parking, and LED lighting.


The project aims to provide:

  • visual and physical improvements to the city centre and streetscape environment
  • improved safety, access and a supportive environment for the extension of the evening economy
  • a catalyst for maintaining and attracting new business
  • an enhanced social environment for daily users and visitors
  • a safe and convenient environment that encourages and supports community events.

Council enhanced Stage 3 of the Bulcock Street masterplan based on findings in the Caloundra Economic Revitalisation Study 2014 (Pracsys Report).

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For more information, please contact council's Project Officer on (07) 5475 7272.