Palmwoods Streetscape Project
  • Last updated:
  • 05 Jan 2017

The Palmwoods Streetscape Project will deliver the first stage of the Palmwoods Public Domain Master Plan that was endorsed by council at its November 2014 ordinary meeting. The Palmwoods Master Plan was accepted by 98% of community members who provided feedback during the Master Planning phase.

Project scope

The Palmwoods Streetscape Project will include construction of a new town square in the heart of Palmwoods. The new town square will be located directly south of the Palmwoods Memorial Hall (refer links to adopted master plan images below).

Key features of the Stage 1 town square area will include construction of retaining walls, relocation of services, road widening in Main Street and construction of a new ramped access from Main Street up to Little Hill Street. This project aims to maximise the amount of level space available for community use while complimenting the Palmwoods town character.

Project update

The detailed design of the project work started in July 2016. This phase of the project is expected to continue until December 2016. The project design team use the endorsed master plan to guide the project detailed design.

Where to from here

  • Detailed design – July 2016 to December 2016 (includes three Streetscape Design Reference Group meetings to be held with interested community members)
  • Palmwoods Creative Design Invitation - Expression of interest open until 20 January 2017
  • Construction planning and engagement of suitable contractor - January 2017 to April 2017
  • Start construction – May 2017.
  • Construction complete – Late 2017 / Early 2018


Stage 1 construction will include work in the following locations:

  • Margaret Street / Little Hill Street intersection upgrade (subject to TMR approvals)
  • Margaret Street proposed traffic calming installation (subject to TMR approvals)

Master plan overview

The community provided input into the Place Making Palmwoods Public Domain Master Plan. From November 2013 to March 2014 council held various stakeholder meetings and two workshops with the community.

The community's priorities were to have:

  • most of the construction budget spent on a Town Square
  • some minor funding to go to traffic calming, pedestrian crossing facilities and trees on the sides of the road in Margaret Street.

These priorities will be delivered subject to funding.

Community identity and values

The following activities were done to gain community feedback and provide an overview of Palmwoods identity and values.

  • An identity and values survey
  • A community video
  • A snapshot of stories and information about Palmwoods, history and town centre captured in the collection of Stories of Palmwoods

Town square

The community fully supported a new town square. This open space would provide a large flat open area for community events and social gatherings.

The concept supported by the community allows a two-way street in front of the shops, with parallel car parks. It is not possible to provide vehicle access from Main Street to the square due to technical design constraints. However, people of all abilities could access the area using ramps and stairs.

View the designs for the town square[5807KB]:

  • Town Square Sheet A
  • Town Square Sheet B

Margaret Street

Two options were developed for Margaret Street and following feedback from the first workshop, a third option was sketched to reflect the community's request. This was based on a simplified option for the street that looked at retaining the existing parking and center median line marking, with two improved pedestrian crossing facilities - One opposite Rick's Diner and the other in front of the Heritage Bank/Post Office. This third option was the preferred option when presented at the second workshop. There was some support for Option 1 with a planted center median. There was minimal support for Option 2 with angled parking on both sides of the road.

Overall, the community accepted traffic lights at Main Street and Margaret Street if required in the future. There was limited negative feedback.
There was overall support for a 40 km/hr zone through town on Margaret Street with limited negative feedback.

The adopted master plan is available to view below:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Community Engagement
Chapter 3 - Place Making Themes
Chapter 4 - Public Domain Master Plan
Chapter 5 - Character Palettes
Chapter 6 - Implementation Plan


During 2014, council completed inclusive community consultation regarding the development of the Palmwoods Public Domain Master Plan.

At the completion of the master planning phase, the final master plan was accepted by 96% of the community members involved. The master plan was subsequently endorsed by the Sunshine Coast Council at its November 2014 ordinary meeting. The link below provides an overview of the development of the Palmwoods Master Plan.


For more information, please contact council’s Palmwoods Streetscape Design Team via

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