Caloundra CBD Project
  • Last updated:
  • 23 May 2017

Caloundra is an attractive seaside destination, providing a range of business, tourism and employment activities. Caloundra faces a number of challenges including competition from both existing and proposed centres and a limited economic base.

Council’s Corporate Plan 2014-2019 identified the Caloundra CBD Project as a priority project to “progress the design, place development and management for Caloundra 4551”

In 2014, to identify opportunities for the revitalisation of Caloundra, council and the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) commissioned the preparation of the Caloundra Economic Revitalisation Study 2014[2302KB].

The study recommended:

  • the formation of a taskforce to guide the revitalisation of the Caloundra Central Business District (CBD)
  • the appointment of a CBD manager to work with the business community
  • a master plan that encompasses the necessary details to guide the future revitalisation of the area.

Project scope

Caloundra CBD Taskforce

The scope of the taskforce’s role includes identifying actions and implementation strategies that will enhance the main street’s point of difference and appeal as a shopping, business and investment destination; and developing a three-year plan that will guide how measurable change towards the vision for the area will be achieved.

Caloundra CBD Manager

The scope of the Caloundra CBD manager role includes pursuing urban quality ‘quick wins’ agreed and driven by local business and property owners, investigating and delivering renewal and local pride schemes that have a proven track record for success; and progressing initiatives identified by the taskforce that will contribute to the achievement of the vision for the Caloundra CBD.

Caloundra Centre Master Plan

In 2015, council commenced the preparation of the Caloundra Centre Master Plan. The purpose of the Master Plan is to create an integrated plan for Caloundra Centre, to encourage future development in keeping with the vision.

The Master Plan generally covers the area from Bulcock Beach to the Caloundra Golf Club and from the Nicklin Way to Canberra Terrace. Caloundra Centre has a strong relationship with and links to adjoining beach communities, particularly Kings Beach and Golden Beach.

The key stages in the preparation of a Master Plan included:

  • the identification and assessment of key issues and opportunities
  • preparation of a vision and strategies
  • master planning including recommendations on public realm, planning and built form outcomes and
  • preparation of an action plan including implementation measures, responsibilities, funding and timing.

The Master Plan was prepared in close consultation with the Caloundra CBD Taskforce, a project reference group and key stakeholders.

Project updates

Caloundra CBD Taskforce

The Caloundra CBD Taskforce (the taskforce) was appointed on 16 April 2015 following an open recruitment and selection process. Information on the roles and responsibilities of the taskforce and taskforce membership are contained in the:

To date the Taskforce has meet three times since its establishment and focused on the role and responsibilities of the CBD manager; the streetscape plan for the main street - focusing on kerbing, lighting and green space options; quick win projects for the CBD area, including public art and other revitalisation schemes; and strategies for engagement of key stakeholder groups.

A summary of the key activities achievements and future focus of the taskforce is outlined in Community Update 1[389KB]

Caloundra CBD Manager

Through a funding arrangement council has partnered with the Chamber, which will oversee the Caloundra CBD management functions. The Chamber has now engaged a CBD Curator to fulfil the Caloundra CBD Manager position.

For more information visit the Chamber website.

Caloundra Centre Master Plan

In July 2016, council endorsed the draft Caloundra Centre Master Plan for public consultation. The draft Master Plan included a summary of the key issues and opportunities, a draft vision, strategies and initiatives and an action plan to implement the Master Plan.

The draft Caloundra Centre Master Plan was placed on public display from 13 September 2016 to 7 October 2016. During this time, council:

  • engaged with approximately 900 people through events, displays and meetings
  • reached approximately 50,000 people through the website and Facebook page
  • provided information to a regional audience through media coverage
  • received 247 completed surveys, with most including additional comments
  • received 70 written submissions via email, mail and in submission boxes.

Feedback received during the events, displays and meetings was generally positive. People supported many of the strategies and initiatives identified in the draft Master Plan including the proposed road improvements, the town square and the Otranto Avenue Street Park.

Through the project website, 247 people completed the online survey and provided strong support for the proposed initiatives, particularly the new road proposals and the new town square.

During the consultation period, 70 written submissions were received about the draft Master Plan. The submissions provided strong support for the initiatives outlined in the draft Master Plan. A number of submissions raised a broad range of matters for further consideration. In summary, the top five (5) issues raised by submitters related to building heights, transport, the town square and community facilities, site specific issues and implementation.

Other submissions raised issues on the protection of the Pumicestone Passage, cultural heritage and a range of sustainability initiatives.

These submissions were reviewed and considered by council. The outcomes of this assessment informed a number of amendments to the draft Master Plan. Council adopted the finalised Caloundra Centre Master Plan[11905KB] on 23 March 2017.

The key initiatives of the Caloundra Centre Master Plan include:

  • showcasing Caloundra as a coastal town, a “City of Beaches” with spectacular views to the Glass House Mountains
  • attracting new investment in Caloundra which builds on its existing strengths in business, cultural, education, health, tourism, sport and aviation
  • encouraging residential development as part of mixed use development to support Bulcock Street
  • creating a new town square and community hub with vibrant links to Bulcock Street and Bulcock Beach
  • creating a new gateway into Caloundra Centre supported by new business and residential development
  • providing new transport initiatives to connect to and within Caloundra.

The implementation of the Master Plan will require a joint commitment by all stakeholders. Council will commence further planning on the priority projects and the preparation of draft amendments to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014.


For more information on the Caloundra CBD Project please contact council on (07) 5475 7272 or email