Bokarina Beach Development
  • Last updated:
  • 22 Dec 2016

The Bokarina Beach development site is approximately 30 hectares and is located east of the Nicklin Way, south of Beach Drive and north of Wurley Drive. The site is subject to a master planning process set out within Development Control Plan 1 – Kawana Waters.

Development Control Plan 1 - Kawana Waters

Development Control Plan 1 (DCP 1) – established in 1996 – provides for Bokarina Beach to be developed for a range of tourist, residential and community uses and open space.

Development Control Plan 1 allows a maximum building height of eight stories on the site, and requires a minimum of 5.9 hectares of open space and community facilities to be provided as follows:

  • village park system (2 hectares)
  • public access club facilities (1 hectare)
  • linear park (1.6 hectare)
  • public access domain mall (5000 sqm)
  • community facilities (3000 sqm)
  • surf club facilities (5000 sqm).

Bokarina Beach Master Plans

Stockland has prepared a series of master plans for the Bokarina Beach site.

On 25 February 2016, Council decided to recommend to the Minister of Natural Resources and Mines that a Detailed Planning Area Plan for the site be approved subject to conditions. Once the Detailed Planning Area Plan has been approved by the Minister, it will be available for viewing as one of the approved Kawana Master Plans.

Site Development Plans for the Bokarina Beach site still need to be approved by Council. Council is currently assessing Stockland's proposed Site Development Plan for Precincts 1-4 (application number MPC11/0004).

The Operational Works approval for filling and pre-load for future residential stages was issued by Council on 24 October 2016 (application number OPW16/0527). These works commenced in November 2016.  A further Operational Works application for bulk earthworks, including the proposed lake, revetment walls, and bulk filling (application number OPW16/0722), is currently being assessed.  Details of these applications are available on PD online. 

Community consultation

Development Control Plan 1 was open to community consultation when it was developed. More recently in November 2008, the Kawana Waters Community Development Strategy was open to community comment.

Formal consultation is not required for the Bokarina Beach master plans. However, the application material can be viewed online:

Council also had meetings with residents throughout the assessment of the master plans to discuss issues relating to the development of the site – including issues related to traffic, parking and drainage.


For more information, please contact council.