The new Maroochydore city centre and surrounds
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Maroochydore City Centre Priority Development Area (PDA)
  • Last updated:
  • 28 May 2017

Maroochydore is fast tracked to become the business, community and employment hub of the Sunshine Coast. The state government announced in July 2013 that the Maroochydore City Centre will be a Priority Development Area (PDA). This declaration was made on 19 July 2013, and at the request of council. The declaration of a PDA at Maroochydore will renew the region by:

  • supporting economic development
  • providing much needed infrastructure
  • creating a new central business district for the Sunshine Coast.

The PDA is approximately 60 hectares, covering council owned land including the site of the former Horton Park Golf Club and land in Dalton Drive, Maroochydore.

Maroochydore City Centre PDA Development Scheme

The Maroochydore City Centre PDA development scheme was approved by the State Government on 11 July 2014 and subsequently amended in April 2016.

The development scheme is the planning document that assists in planning, carrying out, promoting, coordinating and controlling the development of land in the Maroochydore City Centre PDA. All development applications within the PDA are assessed against the development scheme.

The Maroochydore City Centre will be instrumental in building and strengthening the region, providing a mix of residential, commercial, retail, civic and community uses in order to develop a thriving and vibrant business district and city centre, complementing and enhancing Maroochydore’s existing business offering.

The project will also enable the delivery of much needed infrastructure to the Sunshine Coast community as well as creating significant opportunities for economic development and employment.

Development applications within the Maroochydore City Centre PDA will now be assessed against the Maroochydore City Centre PDA Amended Development Scheme[3276KB].

Development Scheme proposed amendment

In order to improve the operation of the Maroochydore City Centre development scheme, an amendment to scheme was undertaken. The amendment was made in accordance with the requirements of the Economic Development Act 2012 and became effective on 22 April 2016.

Development Scheme Amendment No.1

On 22 April 2016, the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) gave notice that the Maroochydore City Centre Priority Development Area (PDA) Amended Development Scheme had been approved and is now in effect.

Development applications within the Maroochydore City Centre PDA will now be assessed against the Maroochydore City Centre PDA Amended Development Scheme[3276KB].


Priority Development Areas are parcels of land within Queensland, identified for specific accelerated development with a focus on economic growth. The Queensland government works with local councils to streamline the planning, approval and development processes to achieve results.

Development schemes

 Each PDA is subject to a development scheme - a regulatory document that controls land use, infrastructure planning and development in the area.

Economic Development Queensland

 Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is the state government's streamlined business unit and supports economic development by resolving complex property issues and fast tracking opportunities for land development across the state.

More information

Vision for the Maroochydore City Centre PDA

The Vision for the Maroochydore City Centre represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish a new capital city for the Sunshine Coast.

View more about this 'game changing' project here:

For enquiries about the PDA or development scheme, please contact the project coordinator via council's customer service centre or email

For specific development assessment enquiries contact EDQ on 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or see priority development area applications.