Lodging Applications
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Jul 2016

Building applications

To apply for a building approval you must first contact a building certifier. There are a number of private building certifiers on the Sunshine Coast. Applications must be made by a building certifier on your behalf.

Plumbing and drainage applications

If you are using a building certifier, check with them to see if they are lodging an application on your behalf. You can submit an application by including the applicable form and relevant documentation. Council requires payment of all applicable fees at the time of lodging of an application.

Application fees

Fees are based on the number of fixtures i.e. apparatus, appliances, and devices; related to the plumbing and drainage works.

You can request help calculating fees for commercial applications with more than 20 fixtures. Send a cover letter and hydraulic plans for review. State the request is for a plumbing fee quote and not lodgement of a plumbing and drainage application.

Once you receive a response, you can then submit an application with payment for the quoted fees. Applicants must include the fee quote response in the lodgement documentation.

Lodging applications

Application forms are available at Approved Plumbers and Drainers Forms

To pay by credit card you can complete the credit card payment authority advice form[920KB].

You can submit an application:

Note for applications submitted by email:

  • Documents must be directly attached to an email. Council does not accept emailed applications containing documents sent via a link e.g. yousendit.com or drop box.

Note for hard copy applications:

  • Applications for domestic construction submitted must to include one copy of all documents
  • Applications for commercial construction submitted must include four copies of all documents

More information

For more information or help for online applications, refer to the following fact sheet:

Fees and charges

Council’s current list of fees and charges is available in the register of fees and charges.