Plumbing and building approvals
  • Last updated:
  • 20 May 2019

You must have approval before you begin most types of building or plumbing works. All works are assessed under state government regulations.

To obtain approval, you must first lodge an application.

A building certifier will assess whether the proposed work complies with the Building Act 1975 and associated standards. If it does, they will issue a building permit. Accredited building certifiers must be registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

The building approval will note what inspections must take place while the work is underway. The building certifier who issued the permit is required to carry out these inspections.

Note: Council's former building certification business, Country and Coastal Certifiers, closed in 2010. However, council continues to work with applicants on outstanding inspections.

Building certifiers cannot approve any work that conflicts with the local planning scheme or the Queensland Development Code. If you are unsure whether your work complies, you can complete a request for town planning appraisal.

If you need a variation to the requirements of the scheme or code, complete a request for concurrency agency response (building work). Council must receive this request before a building certifier can grant approval.

Amendments to the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 and Regulation 2003 in November 2012 introduced the notifiable works scheme. This scheme simplifies the approval process for most plumbing and drainage works. If your application comes under the scheme, it must be lodged with the Plumbing Industry Council.

If you need a variation to the requirements of the notifiable works scheme, complete a request for concurrence agency response (building work).

If your application does not come under the scheme, refer to the lodging applications information.

All building and plumbing work is regulated under state legislation and can be viewed on the Department of Housing and Public Works website.

You can check Development.i to view details of lodged applications.

For more details or assistance, contact council's development services

You can also contact council if you have a development and building related complaint.