Rainwater tanks
  • Last updated:
  • 11 Dec 2019

In the past, new houses, commercial and industrial buildings have been required to install a water saving system. This includes rainwater tanks and grey water treatment plants. The state government has now removed this requirement.

If you choose to install a water saving system, you still need to comply with the Queensland Development Code (QDC).

Before connecting a rainwater tank to internal plumbing, you need approval from council. If you are also on town water, you must install a backflow prevention device.

Both Queensland Health and council recommend town water over tank water for drinking, bathing, preparing food and dishwashing.

The following references are available on the Department of Housing and Public Works website:

  • MP 4.1 Queensland Development Code (QDC) – Sustainable buildings
  • MP 4.2 Queensland Development Code (QDC) – Rainwater tanks and other supplementary water supply systems
  • MP 4.3 Queensland Development Code (QDC) – Supplementary water sources: commercial buildings.