Development Application Forms
  • Last updated:
  • 21 Jul 2016

Development applications must be made using the appropriate forms.

Request to change an existing approval and/or extension to relevant period[386KB]
Allows applicants to apply for a change in approval, or for an extension to the relevant period for an approval, or both.
Pre-request response application[356KB]
Allows council (as a relevant entity) to consider a change before an applicant formally applies to the entity that issued the approval or conditions (i.e. court or concurrency agency).

Request for referral agency response[945KB] – class 1a or class 10 building or structure (RAP) 
For when a building application must be referred to council for assessment as a concurrence agency. This applies to houses or class 10 structures that do not comply with the planning scheme, but are exempt from needing a planning application (under Schedule 4, Table 2, Item 2, of the Sustainable Planning Regulations (SPA) 2009). Instead, the building application must be referred to council for assessment as a concurrence agency.

Note: If non-compliance only relates to provisions covered by the Queensland Development Code, refer to the building guidelines for the correct form and guidance on assessing these requests.

Compliance assessment IDAS form 32
This form is required for plan sealing applications for all building format plans (check right hand bottom corner of plan).

This form is required for standard format plans where the applicable higher order approval is approved under SPA (18/12/2009 onwards).

Before paying fees, you must complete a checklist for endorsement of survey plans[928KB] and fax it to council's Engineering and Construction on (07) 5475 9853.
Application for town planning appraisal[350KB]
Use this form to check if a proposed development complies with the relevant planning scheme and/or any relevant planning approvals on the site.

FastTrack application kits:

FastTrack assessment checklist[1669KB]

Form C1 - RPEQ design certification - dual occupancy[922KB]
Forms C2 and C3 - RPEQ design certification - multiple dwelling units[941KB]
Forms C4 and C5 - RPEQ design certification - industrial[941KB]
Forms C6 and C7 - RPEQ design certification - commercial[941KB]

The FastTrack assessment checklist must be submitted for all FastTrack applications. In addition, the relevant RPEQ design certification form must be submitted for all FastTrack applications (except for applications for reconfiguring a lot, advertising signs, caretaker's accommodation, home based business and bed and breakfast home based business).

IDAS forms and guidelines relating to SPA
Operational works prestart request form[1005KB]
Use this form to book all prestart meetings. Any new applications submitted after 1 July 2016 will need to be accompanied by the construction application fee.
For more information refer to the operational works construction process fact sheet[246KB].
Request to apply a superseded planning scheme SPA form 2
Allows applicants to make a request for council to assess a development proposal under a superseded planning scheme in accordance with Section 95 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.
Strategic naming policy[230KB]
Guidelines for naming of roads and street numbering[4775KB]
Road naming application form[414KB]