Lodging a Development Application
  • Last updated:
  • 16 Jan 2017
Council offers several ways to lodge your development application:
  • lodge online through MyCouncil (you will need to register your business to use this service) 
  • by email (see details below) 
  •  in person or by post. 
For plumbing, refer to lodging plumbing applications.

All new roads; including private roads, created as part of a sub-divisional application must have council's approval. To apply, complete a road naming application form[412KB].

Allocation of street numbering

On occasions it may be necessary to adjust or change existing street numbers e.g. to cater for development or redevelopment of land.

It is the responsibility of the owners to confirm the address with council before submitting a building application. This is applicable where:

  • the driveway access is established on a different street to current property address. Especially in the case of corner properties with road frontage on two different streets.

Secondary dwellings, single detached dwellings and annexed units

No separate street or unit numbers or use of alpha suffixes will be issued. This is contrary to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 conditions.

If you wish to lodge online or via email, you will need to include a completed eDevelopment application form[981KB].

MyCouncil is council's online portal that can be used for many personal and business services. Some of the benefits of lodging development applications through this service are:

  • your application is immediately created in council's property system, saving administrative processing time
  • all information can be submitted electronically
  • no need to spread documents across multiple emails, because of size limitations.

Before you can lodge applications through this service, you will need to register for personal and business access.

More information

For more information or help setting up your MyCouncil registration, refer to the following fact sheets or alternatively contact council to speak to a dedicated officer:

To lodge an application by email, refer to the following guidelines:

You can email up to 15MB at one time. For larger applications or documents, split the attachments and emails as per council’s guidelines.

Note for applications submitted by email:

Documents must be directly attached to an email. Council does not accept emailed applications containing documents sent via a link e.g. yousendit.com or drop box.

You must provide two (2) copies of all documentation for hard copy applications. Applications lodged under council's master planning process (i.e. Kawana, Maroochydore, PAC) require four (4) copies and a CD.

You can lodge your development application in person or by post.

Council requires payment within two (2) business days of lodgement. You can pay online, in person, by phone or post.

For more information, refer to council's fact sheet on how to pay for development applications[1495KB].

A list of council's fees for development applications is available in the Register of regulatory fees and commercial charges.

For more assistance, please contact council.