Low Risk, Faster Applications
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Nov 2016

If your development application is low risk, there's a good chance council can FastTrack it. Assessment is usually completed within ten (10) business days from the start of the decision period commencing.

The following low risk, code assessable developments are eligible for FastTrack assessment.

Material change of use

  • low impact industry
  • warehouse
  • service industry
  • office
  • showroom/hardware and trade supplies
  • shop
  • health care services
  • home based business
  • dual occupancy
  • multiple dwelling (maximum 10 units)
  • caretakers accommodation.

Reconfiguring a lot

  • maximum one (1) additional lot created and access easements.

Operational works

  • advertising devices
  • associated with a material change of use for a dual occupancy or any of the above listed industrial uses, where the material change of use and operational works applications are lodged concurrently.

A qualified and experienced applicant must complete the FastTrack application kit. The kit consists of:

  • the FastTrack assessment checklist
  • applicable RPEQ design certification form/s (access, car parking and integrated water management).

The kit must be accompanied by:

  • application fees
  • letters of approval/consent where applicable
  • relevant IDAS forms
  • proposal plans
  • a planning report that addresses the relevant planning scheme codes
  • a landscape concept plan
  • any other documents or supplementary information needed for assessment.

FastTrack fees

FastTrack application fees are the same as standard fees. For combined material change of use and operational works applications for dual occupancies, the latter fee will be waived.

Advice for success

To help council make a timely decision, you should:

Ineligible applications

Council will contact you if you make an application that is not eligible for FastTrack. These applications will be assessed under the standard timeframes pursuant to the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

FastTrack conditions

You can view the FastTrack condition packages (there is a package for each of the FastTrack development types). Approvals will contain some (but rarely all) of the conditions in the relevant package. Further conditions may be added in some cases.

Decision ready program

The program is to fast track low risk, code assessable operational works for private works, where associated with an approved material change of use.

For information of eligibility, applying or general advice, please contact council. The FastTrack assessment team includes officers with experience in planning, civil engineering, hydraulics and water quality, environmental health, landscape and ecology, and urban design.