Development incentives
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Oct 2019

Subsidy for community, sporting and religious organisations

To be eligible for a 50% reduction in application fees, you must not be in possession of a permanent liquor or gaming license, and be a:

  • non-profit organisation
  • volunteer organisation
  • charitable organisation
  • sporting organisation
  • religious organisation, or
  • surf lifesaving club (or similar organisation).

At the time of lodgement of an application, the organisation must provide current, verifiable, written proof of either:

  • registration with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a charitable or non-profit organisation, or
  • registration with the Office of Fair Trading under either the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 or Corporations Act 2001.

Conditions apply, refer to the Development Services fees and charges for more details.

Applications involving a mixed use development

Fees for the application shall be the sum of the primary use fee plus 50% of the fees for each type of other uses i.e. multiple dwelling, restaurant, shops = fee for multiple dwelling plus 50% of the fees for the restaurant and shops). Only applicable if uses are on the same site.

Note: primary use is the use with the highest application fee.

This mixed use fee does not apply for preliminary approvals, including variation requests.

Combined applications

Applications can be lodged at the same time involving more than one development type i.e. material change of use (MCU), reconfiguring a lot (RAL) and operational work (OPW). Full fees are payable for each development type included in an application, unless the application comprises of a combined duplex dwelling/dual occupancy FastTrack MCU and OPW application. In this instance the fee will be the MCU fee for the duplex dwelling/dual occupancy and the OPW fee will be waivered.

Conditions apply, refer to the Development Services fees and charges for more details.

Material change of use within an existing building

If an application involves a MCU within an existing building, the application will be discounted by 25%.

Conditions apply, refer to the Development Services fees and charges for more details.

Concessions for buildings and sites affected by heritage provisions

Where an application for demolition (including partial demolition) or removal of a structure or place affected by the cultural heritage provisions of the Planning Scheme, a fee of  will apply.

All other development applications (MCU or preliminary building approval), are required as a result of the heritage provisions of the planning scheme, whether code or impact assessable, No fee shall apply to such an application.

Material change of use application fee rebates scheme

A 25% rebate of application fees paid at lodgement of an application, can be applied for in writing by the applicant if the use commences within two years from the date of approval. This does not include Unitywater fees. The rebate is subject only for the following uses as defined by the relevant planning scheme:

  • rural
    • agriculture
    • environment facility
    • roadside stall
    • winery
  • tourism
    • nature based tourism
    • short term accommodation - where for a 5-star (or better) tourist facility
    • shop – for an art and craft centre where located in a rural zone
    • tourist attraction – where located within a rural zone.
  • health care services
    • residential care facility (high care i.e. nursing home).

If the use has not commenced within two years from the MCU approval takes effect date, no rebate will apply.