Fees and Infrastructure Charges
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

Council's adopted infrastructure charges resolution has been amended with the adoption of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 6) 2014 (ICR).

Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 6) 2014[766KB].

The ICR has been adopted in accordance with the requirements of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) and the State Planning Regulatory Provision (Adopted Charges) (SPRP). It sets out certain requirements for new development to pay infrastructure charges for the following trunk infrastructure networks:

  • transport 
  • public parks and land for community facilities 
  • stormwater 
  • water supply 
  • sewerage. 

In addition to specifying charge rates, the ICR also deals with other matters relevant to the adopted infrastructure charges such as:

  • the charges breakup between council and Unitywater 
  • credits for existing lawful development or for previous contribution payments 
  • establishment costs for determining offsets and refunds for trunk infrastructure that is provided by development 
  • conversion criteria for non-trunk infrastructure. 

The purpose and general effect of the latest amendments to the charges resolution is to update the Resolution so that it complies with the recent changes to the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) introduced by the Sustainable Planning (Infrastructure Charges) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014.  The changes also incorporate other administrative changes. A summary of the changes from the previous Resolution is contained in the List of Amendment[56KB].

The ICR has effect on and from Friday 14 November 2014. Development applications decided on or after this date will have infrastructure charges applied in accordance with the Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 6) 2014.

For more information about making payments, refer to the infrastructure charges for development fact sheet[2376KB].

Infrastructure Contributions Rebates Policy

Policy adoption relevant to the Maroochy Plan 2000, Caloundra City Plan 2004 and Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014.

At its Ordinary Meeting on 29 October 2009, council adopted a policy for Infrastructure Contributions Rebates for Eligible Community Organisations[115KB].

This new policy supersedes the previous policies and practices of the two former councils, Caloundra City Council and Maroochy Shire Council that dealt with infrastructure contribution rebates for community organisations.

The new policy ensures that one set of eligibility criteria can be applied consistently across the whole Sunshine Coast Council area. To maximise consistency, the policy has been based on a fixed proportion of rebates relating to specific categories of development involving community uses.

The general tenet of the policy is that community organisations operate a diverse range of facilities, programs and services for residents of the region that would otherwise need to be provided by government at all levels, at a significant cost. The granting of infrastructure contribution rebates ensures much needed funds remain with the organisations that provide benefit to the community.

Applicants must make a request for a rebate of infrastructure contributions when submitting the development application. The request must include sufficient information to demonstrate compliance with the relevant category under the policy.

The policy came into effect on 29 October 2009.

Infill Development Incentives Policy

Sunshine Coast Council, in partnership with Unitywater has adopted an Incentives Policy targeted at attracting development investment in designated areas of Nambour and Caloundra.  The Policy provides a reduction in infrastructure charges of 50% for qualifying projects.  The Incentives Policy runs for two years, commencing 3 July 2017 and finishing on 30 June 2019.  Council is applying a cap of $10 million to the reduction in charges under this Policy.  Should this limit be reached, the term of the policy will be reduced. 

The Policy document provides full information on the designated areas and the eligibility criteria.   A Fact Sheet is also provided for further clarification and application details. 

The take-up of the incentives offer will be monitored and reviewed with potential to extend the policy in duration and location, pending a Council decision.  

Further Information:-

To find out more about this Policy or further details on how to apply, please email:  icinfo@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au