Council's Submission on the Draft State Planning Policy
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Dec 2015

Council has made a submission on the draft State Planning Policy (SPP). The state government is:

  • changing the planning and development system
  • looking at legislation and practices
  • proposing a single SPP to replace fourteen SPPs.

The draft SPP identifies the state's interests in planning and development and how these are to be dealt with in planning schemes and development assessment processes. The state interests are:

  • Housing and liveable communities – amenity and community wellbeing, land development and housing supply
  • Economic growth – farming, building, mining and tourism
  • Environment and heritage – biodiversity, coast, cultural heritage and clean rivers
  • Hazards and safety – air, noise and other emissions, dangerous materials and natural hazards
  • Transport and infrastructure – state transport infrastructure and networks, strategic airports and sea ports, water supply infrastructure.

Council supports having one SPP, but has raised some issues, which are summarised below.

Key Resource Areas (KRAs) 
  • Five new KRAs have been identified for the Sunshine Coast. Three are already included in planning schemes and two are new.
  • The community may not be aware of the new KRAs and some changes to transport routes for other KRAs. Council recommends more community consultation. 
  • Council previously asked that Yandina Creek KRA be removed, but it remains in the draft. 


  • Provisions are inconsistent with other reforms to environmental legislation. 
  • Councils will be required to assess matters of national environmental importance, which requires more work between the state and local government for it to work well. 

Coastal Environment and Healthy Waters 

  • State's view on new canals and artificial waterways is unclear. 
  • The tests for canals and artificial waterways need to be more defined. 
  • Possible maintenance costs need to be included (eg dredging and water quality measures). 
  • While supporting coastal development, it is also important to protect the natural values of the coast. 

Natural Hazards and Flooding     

  • Climate change and sea level rise are required to be part of planning for coastal locations—it should also apply to other locations as well. 
  • More guidance is needed to respond to climate change and extreme weather events for a range of hazards. 


  • The SPP needs to address a range of floods and risks, as recommended by the Floods Commission of Inquiry. 


  • There appears to be no land use planning for the transport network as a whole which may result in continued unsustainable travel methods. 

Airport and Aviation       

  • Caloundra Aerodrome should have the same land use requirements as other airports in the SPP because it is close to urban uses. 

Agricultural Land              

  • Clarification is required on how the definition of 'agriculture' relates to existing SPP categories for Good Quality Agricultural Land and strategic cropping land.

More information

Consultation on the draft SPP closed on 12 June 2013. The draft SPP can be viewed on the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website.