South East Queensland Regional Plan review
  • Last updated:
  • 11 Dec 2015

The South East Queensland (SEQ) Regional Plan 2009-2031 provides the framework for how urban growth will be managed in the SEQ Region to 2031. The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 responds to the policies and directions of the SEQ Regional Plan.

The SEQ Regional Plan is reviewed every five years. A review was commenced by the state government in 2014 and this review has yet to be completed.

The review has so far suggested that the SEQ Regional Plan could have a new planning horizon to 2041 and the state government is looking for new future urban growth areas. The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 provides for sufficient urban development opportunities to cater for projected growth to 2031.

The state government’s initial projections indicated there may be a need for an additional 20,000 new greenfield dwellings and 20,000 to 25,000 infill dwellings to be accommodated on the Sunshine Coast beyond the current planning scheme.

To inform the Regional Plan review, council has undertaken a range of investigations outlined in the ‘Planning for Growth to 2041 Summary Report’ [PDF 2.3MB].

Key findings of council investigations

  • the Moreton Bay to Sunshine Coast Regional Inter-urban Break [PDF 2.3MB] should be maintained and preserved in its current state. It contributes more than $5 billion to the SEQ economy and supports key economic policy objectives of the State, particularly in the context of tourism and agriculture. A (separate) joint submission [PDF 470KB] from both Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast regional councils on the Inter-urban Break to the state government further highlights its importance.
  • The Beerwah East Identified Growth Area (IGA) rather than the Halls Creek IGA, is the preferred long-term growth area for the Sunshine Coast given its location [PDF 9.3MB] and proximity to major road and rail transport infrastructure and the CAMCOS corridor. The Beerwah East IGA also poses less risk to water quality in the internationally-recognised Ramsar protected Pumicestone Passage; and
  • The Sunshine Coast can accommodate its long term growth needs to 2041 by supporting growth in and around the railway townships, planning for growth in Beerwah East and supporting urban renewal along the Maroochydore to Caloundra Priority Transit Corridor as depicted in the ‘Planning for Growth to 2041 Concept Plan’ [PDF 1.1MB]

Preliminary submission to the SEQ Regional Plan review

Council wrote [PDF 23MB] to the then Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning on 4 December 2014 outlining how growth is intended to be managed on the Sunshine Coast to 2041. The letter provides a preliminary submission to the SEQ Regional Plan review, for the state government’s consideration in preparing a draft SEQ Regional Plan.

Next steps

The state government has yet to formally announce the next stages of the review of the SEQ Regional Plan.  In the meantime, Council will continue to advocate for the positions outlined in the preliminary submission.

More information on the review of the SEQ Regional Plan is available on the state government’s website.