Updating Your Copy of City Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

Council provides update packages to help you keep your copy of the Caloundra City Plan up to date. The packages become available each time a City Plan update version is released.

Update packages contain the following information:

  • update instructions on how to update your current version of Caloundra City Plan
  • copy of the amended pages to insert into your current version of Caloundra City Plan
  • master table of amendments to insert into the front of your Caloundra City Plan. Allows you to view all previous amendments and identify which version of City Plan you have.

Council labels all of its planning schemes so it is easy to identify different versions of the Caloundra City Plan. Contact the Caloundra City Plan team if you would like an update label.

It is important to make updates to your copy of Caloundra City Plan in the order that updates are produced.