Background Information
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

A number of background planning studies and key corporate strategies and policies contributed to the Caloundra City Plan project.

The 2001-2006 Caloundra City Corporate Plan represents a major change in the approach to planning for Caloundra City's future. For the first time the Corporate Plan focuses on outcomes  the effects on the community of the services and facilities council provides.

In the early stages of the Caloundra City Plan project, several background planning studies were prepared to fill information gaps in council's existing database. These background studies included:

  • Bushfire Management Study
  • Habitat and Biodiversity Study
  • Landscape Assessment Study
  • Good Quality Agricultural Land Study
  • Commercial Centres Hierarchy Review Report
  • Industrial Land Review Report
  • Cultural Heritage Issues Report (Non-indigenous)
  • Urban Design Report (Coastal Area)
  • Community Planning Study

You can view copies of the background planning studies at council's Caloundra office.