Property Searches
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

Council can perform a variety of property searches. You can use MyCouncil to request and pay for a search online. To do this you need to:

  • register with MyCouncil and
  • pay using a credit card.

To comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the use of credit cards is only available on-line through MyCouncil or in person at a Customer Service Centre.

Alternatively, if you don't have a credit card, you can complete a property search request form and return the form with a cheque or money order of the appropriate fee by post or lodge at a Customer Service Centre.

Types of searches

  • Rate search
  • Flooding
  • Environment (Biodiversity unit)
  • Business licensing/health and environment
  • Planning and development certificates
  • Health inspection of premises
  • Plumbing records
  • Building information, including:
    • extracts
    • compliance
    • swimming pool/spa fencing and
    • certificate of classification
  • Searches used in conveyancing

Full details of the various searches are available on the search request form. For stormwater search requests, you should complete a separate 'as constructed' stormwater search request.

Copies of building plans that council holds may be accessed by completing an archive retrieval form. For the swimming pool fence compliance advice search, see swimming pool regulations.

Planning certificates

You can use PD Online to:

  • access council's planning and development records
  • access plans and guidelines and
  • track applications.

To formally request information about properties please refer to the above information on property searches. You can also view information on development applications.

Search results timeframe

The time needed for completing searches depends on the type you have requested. Council handles most searches within ten business days.

Payment of search requests

Various searches attract different fees. These fees are listed in the property search request form above.

Access details

Council may require access to a property to conduct an inspection. If so, council may need the phone number of the occupant or the agent holding the key to arrange access. When requesting a full on-site building search, an 'authority to enter' may also be required. Please refer to the individual search request form requirements.