Environmental Reserve Management Plans
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Dec 2017

Council manages a large and diverse environmental reserve network which plays an important role in protecting the region's native wildlife and natural beauty. Most reserves are accessible for the community to enjoy.

There are over 540 environmental reserves within the Sunshine Coast council area. These range in size from less than 1 hectare to over 300 hectares and collectively help to conserve more than 6,000 hectares of habitat. Council reserve network includes three environmental visitor and education centres and 131 kms of public trails. The environmental reserve network is spread across all ten council divisions and all six river catchments including Pumicestone, Upper Stanley, Mooloolah, Maroochy, Mary and Noosa river catchments. In order to manage this large number of reserves council has developed an Environmental Reserves Network Plan (draft) to guide management direction and a Service Framework to set priorities for allocating resources such as which reserves will require individual management plans.

Environmental Reserve Management Plans are prepared for selected high value reserves, including all of those environmental reserves which have been purchased under councils Environmental Levy Acquisition Program. These plans bring together all of the information known about the reserve including what plants and animals can be found there and the history of the site. From this information the management plan shows how each reserve will be managed in the future.

Current Environmental Management Plans

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