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Film Making on the Sunshine Coast
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Oct 2016

The Sunshine Coast has spectacular scenery from the hinterland to the coast. There are many suitable locations for photography and filming. Whether it's feature films, television shows, documentaries, commercials or music videos, the Coast is an ideal location. 

Council supports local and non-local filmmakers by providing access to council managed locations across the region.   

Filming Permits 

Filmmakers must obtain approval from council to film on any council land or roads. This is done to ensure filming and associated activities are carried out in a safe manner and with minimal disruption to residents and local businesses. 

Parking permits and road closure approvals may also be required and these are all covered in the filming permit application.  

A permit is also required if filming with drones, model aircraft and UAVs over 500 grams. Please read the fact sheet[579KB].

Support and funding opportunities for local filmmakers

Council supports the region to achieve successful outcomes in community and cultural projects through a range of grants to local community groups and individuals. The grants cover various categories including cultural development. RADF (Regional Arts Development Fund) funding is available for individual artists and filmmakers. 

Check council's grants webpage for more information.

Screen Queensland supports film and television production across Queensland through a range of programs and funding as well as a directory of locations and crew.

Screen Australia supports the Australian film industry through online resources and funding. Support is available to experienced film makers and newcomers to the industry.

Ausfilm connects the international film community to Australia’s film making facilities, talent, resources and incentives.

Film Industry Links