Moreton Sands Apartment mural, Caloundra
Artwork by Steven Bordonaro, supported by Cassie Munson
Public Art Program
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Nov 2016

Public art presents a creative or interpretive statement in a public facility or space. It may be stand-alone artworks or incorporated into:

  • buildings
  • infrastructure
  • open space.

Public art can be:

  • permanent or temporary
  • external or internal
  • part of infrastructure.

It may be:

  • literary
  • visual
  • acoustic
  • interactive
  • craft
  • design.

The Sunshine Coast Public Art Collection continues to grow with opportunities for local, national and international artists. The collection can be viewed on the Public Art Database.

Public art policy

Council adopted the Public Art Policy at its Ordinary Meeting on 16 November 2011. The policy outlines the framework and principles that guide the provision of public art in the Sunshine Coast region.

The Policy Statement commits to:

  • creating vibrant and attractive places through public art
  • featuring innovative, stimulating and relevant public art that:
    • enhances public spaces
    • enriches character and identity.

Six principles apply to the provision of the region's public art collection:

  • Excellence in project initiation, concept, design and fabrication
  • Transparent decision-making processes
  • Contribution to local community character
  • Meaningful community engagement
  • Contribution to the region’s economy
  • Building the capacity of local artists and arts organisations

Public art artist register

Council manages a public art artist register. This register is used to:

  • collect local artists' details to access when public art opportunities arise
  • access and engage with the local network of artists.

To be added to the Public Art Artist Register, artists need to complete the Public Art Artist Register Form.

Note: the register is only for public art related practice, not for exhibition art related practice.

Please provide the following information:

  • artist contact details
  • artistic discipline details
  • previous experience in public art or art advisory services.

Community public art proposals

Community members and groups can submit proposals for public art projects that:

  • add to local community character
  • enhance the region’s economy
  • showcase local talent
  • build capacity of local artists and art organisations.

Funding for community public art proposals can be sought through a number of ways including:

Submissions and proposals are made via the Public Art Community Project Application form[1085KB].

Before you submit the form, contact the Public Art Officer via council’s customer service centre.


For more information, contact council's customer service centre.