• Last updated:
  • 22 May 2019

Over 400 species of plants were found on the garden's site before the gardens were developed.

The Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden is a part of a network of regional botanic gardens, featuring the plants of different bioregions and sub-bioregions across Australia. (A bioregion is a region defined by types of natural environment rather than by man-made divisions). Each bioregion has different landforms, soils, ecosystems, plants and animals. The garden features plants of the South East Queensland bioregion, particularly those found on the Sunshine Coast.

Existing trees and land features guide the selection and location of new plantings of local plants. An ecological system of planting based on this bioregion is followed for infill and new plantings. Many plant species have labels so visitors can identify them.

Endangered species

The garden plays an important role in saving rare and endangered plant species. Some of these species are found growing naturally on the site, while others have been planted.

Twenty of the forty-two species that are listed as rare or endangered in the Maroochy area are now protected in the gardens. Twenty-seven other rare or endangered species from the South East Queensland bioregion also grow here. Information on some of the rare and threatened flora of Sunshine Coast area conserved in Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden is available.



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