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  • 23 Oct 2017

To ‘hack’ is to take something and make it ‘better’. To help make the Sunshine Coast a healthier, smarter and more creative region, council hosts an annual HackFest competition. 

HackFest aims to encourage our bright sparks, big thinkers, change makers, dreamers, data enthusiasts, inventors, students, and artists to share and develop their creative ideas and find solutions to everyday community problems.

HackFest 2017 will be held at The Hive Business Space in Maroochydore, from Friday night on November 24 to Sunday November 26. Register your interest in HackFest.

For you

Hackfest is open to individuals or teams. Last year’s event offered $20,000 in prizes and this year’s prize pool will include a paid internship with council’s ICT department,  a new ‘Urban Ideas’ category has been added in 2017 which caters for participants with an artistic flair.   

If you’re a technical whiz, HackFest is perfect for you too!. This year we’ve added a new ‘Hardware Hack’ which aims to provide hands-on experience and learning with a range of hardware devices.

For us

Hackfest is all about finding new ways to utilise Open Data to find great solutions and concepts that could benefit the Sunshine Coast and beyond. This is especially relevant to our region as we continue to develop the new Maroochydore City Centre which could benefit regional business and the wider community. 

View previous winning entries.

Your ideas – an IdeasFest

As part of HackFest, council hosts an online IdeasFest, which is an open community forum to share ideas or value-add to existing ones. IdeasFest is open year round and readily available for potential HackFest participants to create, develop and share their ideas with others. 

Prizes and Categories

Horizon real estate in 2018 - We are partnering with the Horizon Arts & Culture festival for a digital arts prize of Horizon real estate in 2018.
So if you know anyone creative and a bit technical - let them know!

ICT summer graduate internship for students - Another awesome prize on offer is an ICT summer graduate internship for students (conditions apply).
If you know any Uni or Tafe students looking for real world tech experience this prize is priceless. 

Mentoring - Because ideas and technology alone do not complete the picture – a range of  entrepreneurial support from the Coast’s ecosystem to provide industry collaboration supported by mentoring.

Hardware Hack - This is a new and exciting category which is developing and improving day by day! Our objective is to provide a category that is differentiated because it provides access to devices and tools that will provide raw materials for the development of more innovative solutions than software-only ones. We are hoping to have a range of device such as: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT buttons and utilising Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoraWan, Meraki and Sigfox networks.

Contact us

If you have great ideas, solutions or even an app that could benefit our community, we’d love to hear about it! Refer to the participants guide for competition rules or get in touch with the HackFest team via