Draft Caloundra Centre Master Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 06 Dec 2016

Caloundra is an attractive seaside destination, providing a range of business, tourism and employment activities. However, it faces a number of challenges including competition from both existing and proposed centres and a limited economic base.

Previous plans and studies have identified the Caloundra CBD Project as a priority.


The draft Caloundra Centre Master Plan is based on a strong vision for Caloundra’s future. The draft Master Plan proposes a range of strategies and actions to create an active, smart and vibrant community.

Community engagement

Council invited the community to have their say on the draft Caloundra Centre Master Plan.

Submissions closed on Friday 7 October 2016.

To view a copy of the draft Master Plan and associated documents, please  visit.


The draft Caloundra Centre Master Plan is an imaginative plan to achieve greater activation, participation, connection and vibrancy in the heart of Caloundra. The vision incorporates ideals and aspirations identified during previous consultations and studies and more recent investigations. The draft Master Plan includes the following proposals:

  • New open air town square for arts and cultural events and activities
  • New and renewed community facilities
  • New transformative development sites and new approaches to built form and building heights to boost the Caloundra Centre residential and tourist population and to stimulate business and employment opportunities
  • New road entries, bikeways and pedestrian paths and public transport initiatives to improve access and to link central areas of the city heart
  • New mix of residential development, sports-related accommodation and allied health facilities
  • New look urban design to built form and landscaping to achieve a distinctively Caloundra identity.

Where to from here

Council will now consider all thoughts and ideas that were submitted to finalise the Caloundra Centre Master Plan before its adoption in 2017