Healthy Sunshine Coast
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  • 18 Oct 2016

Sunshine Coast Council has launched an exciting new health and wellbeing initiative called 'Healthy Sunshine Coast'. A series of free group fitness activities will be made available for Sunshine Coast residents to participate in across the coast. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential. It is recommended you consult your Doctor prior to embarking on a fitness program.

The demonstration video gives you a sample of what you might expect in one of the classes.


Before booking into your Healthy Sunshine Coast session below it is a requirement you first register for the Healthy Sunshine Coast program. You can sign up for a class once you have registered.

Free outdoor group fitness classes

A series of free 10 week physical exercise and wellbeing opportunities are available at the following locations. Participants must register first with the Healthy Sunshine Coast program then can book into the free classes. Classes start the week beginning 4 October and run for 10 consecutive weeks. It is recommended participants consult their Doctor prior to participating in an exercise program.

Caloundra YMCA Caloundra, Arthur Street Monday and Wednesdays  Maximum attendees 16 per class
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TAFE Queensland East Coast and council have partnered to deliver free outdoor group fitness classes twice a week. Join Fitness Certificate Four and Diploma students in either a boxing fitness or circuit class. All sessions will cater for all fitness levels and body shapes and sizes.

 Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Box Fitness
Come and enjoy a session of box fitness in the park.  
 Sippy Downs Windmill Park, Oxford Close  Tuesdays  6.30 - 7.30 am Maximum attendees 40 per class
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Circuit Fitness
A circuit style class involving resistance and cardio exercises.
 Sippy Downs Windmill Park, Oxford Close  Thursdays 6.30 - 7.30 am Maximum attendees 40 per class
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Join Amy in a fun outdoor group fitness class that involves a range of equipment to get you on your path to healthy. During the 10 week program clients will experience a variety of fitness classes to target all fitness components and maintain interest.  Classes will include but are not limited to sessions of a circuit format, tabata style, dedication to body weight exercise, muscle targeting or team focused fitness activities.  Every week throughout the program will be completely different.  Any specific fitness requirements or individuals’ limitations will be catered for to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

 Activity   Suburb Address Time Booking
Group Fitness   Currimundi  Frank McIvor Park, Gothic Parade  Saturdays 6.30 - 7.30 am This session is fully booked (maximum attendees 20 per class)
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YMCA Caloundra are delivering a Community Health and Wellness challenge. Sessions will see participants attend two 60 minute sessions per week delivered by YMCA accredited trainers at Caloundra YMCA and / or in local parks. 

Session one will include a weekly weigh in with education on healthy lifestyle topics plus a group exercise session focusing on resistance and cardiovascular exercises. 

Session two will be group exercise sessions focusing on resistance and cardiovascular exercises. 

Participants must book in for both sessions.

All sessions will cater for all fitness levels and body shapes and sizes. Participants will be encouraged to have their own step counter to complete 5000 -10,000 steps per day. Steps will be recorded weekly. The outcomes of the sessions will see participants tracking their weight loss, and girth measurements to report on cm’s and weight lost in 10 weeks and a register of the total amount of steps walked in 10 weeks.

Session One educational topics include:

  • Habits
  • Stress
  • Food labels
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Sleep
  • Rewards
  • Lunch boxes
  • Carbohydrate tolerance
  • External influences on food
Activity  Suburb  Address Time Booking
Community Health and Wellness Challenge  Caloundra YMCA Caloundra, Cnr of Arthur Street and Central park Road Monday and Wednesday
9.30 - 10.30 am
Spaces available 
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Community Health and Wellness Challenge
Caloundra YMCA Caloundra, Cnr of Arthur Street and Central park Road
Tuesday and Thursday
6 - 7 pm
This session is fully booked (16 per class)
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Healthy Sunshine Coast Teens [2116KB]is also a 10 week program aimed to increase participation and physical fitness opportunities for girls and women aged 12 to 19 years. 

Girls and women can exercise in a girls only environment and can choose from the following:

Fit Blitz Group Fitness

Join Sam in a program designed especially for girls and young women. Enjoy boxing, circuit, core strength, cardio and weight work outs. Challenge yourself but more importunately have fun!

Core Strength Maroochydore

Join Merryn in a specially designed group fitness class for teenage girls. A range of cardio and strength exercises suited to girls and to get you moving and strong. Also included is information on healthy eating and nutrition for teenage girls. 

Activity   Suburb  Address Time Booking
Group Fitness with Sam from Fit Blitz Nambour Nambour PCYC, Youth Avenue Tuesday 4 pm Maximum attendees 20 per class
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Group Fitness with Sam from Fit Blitz Nambour Nambour PCYC, Youth Avenue Thursday 4 pm Maximum attendees 20 per class
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Group Fitness with Merryn from Core Strength Fitness Maroochydore Core Strength Fitness, 8 Norval Court Thursday 4 pm Maximum attendees 20 per class
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Healthy Sunshine Coast Mums is an initiative to increase participation and physical fitness opportunities for mums with children aged 0 to 5 years. Research demonstrates that participation rates decrease with women and girls from 13 years on wards with an obvious drop in inactivity in women once they start a family. Studies identified a number of barriers for women with babies and young children. The two major barriers being affordability and flexible child care arrangements. Another was women feeling uncomfortable in their activity environment.  Healthy Sunshine Coast Mums is a free 10 week program designed for women only where you can come along in a supportive and child-friendly environment. Classes are conducted by professional, accredited and experienced fitness trainers. The full program[1955KB] will include classes at eight locations across the Sunshine Coast with ten classes available. To be eligible you must be a mum with a child between the ages of zero and five years old. Book into your preferred session below. If the class is fully booked, you can register for the waitlist and if a spot becomes available the instructor will contact you.

Group fitness 

Eumundi - Indoor

Samantha and Kersten combined have years of experience working with women who have experienced pelvic floor or post natal challenges when attempting to get fit and healthy after having their children. Samantha a mum herself to two children has successfully rehabilitated herself after having a c section and Kerstin specialises in weight loss nutrition and can support postnatal women in making healthy nutrition choices post birth.

Classes will be a 60 minutes group fitness/circuit style class designed for postnatal mums with babies and small children. Sessions will focus on improving strength (core, upper body, and lower body) and cardiovascular fitness. Load, reps and sets will be based on form and the ability to maintain pelvic floor control, underlying core stability and normal breathing.






Group Fitness Classes


Eumundi Scout Hall (next to the Aquatic Centre), Memorial Drive

Thursday, 9.30 am

This class is fully booked.
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Caloundra West - Indoor

Sally and Craig Leddy from High Performance personal training have been training female clients in their business for five years and may needing specific training either during pregnancy or postpartum. Craig and Sally for High Performance PT are highly qualified in adjusting specific exercises and programs for mums. They are aware of the physiological effects that the body is placed under during pregnancy and postpartum, including increased laxicity of joints, change to centre of gravity, and the stretching of abdominal muscles.

We are also aware of the demands on a mother can be tiring and exhausting both physically and mentally. Our aim is to strengthen, empower and support all women in this season of life. Sally Leddy is a recent mother herself with a 5 month old daughter as is aware first hand of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Join Sally in a 60 minute group fitness class for all levels of fitness. Classes will include low to high intensity exercises, incorporating a range of equipment and also exercises that incorporate strength, pelvic floor improvement, core and stretching exercises focused on postpartum recovery. 

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Group Fitness Classes  Caloundra West Bell Vista Meeting Place, 18 Lomond Cresent  Monday, 10.00 am Maximum 15 per class. This class is fully booked
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Nambour - Indoor

Join Sammi from Fit Blitz in a fun and supportive fitness session perfectly suited to mums with bubs. With over 13 years’ experience running social fitness sessions for groups, Sammi can ensure you will feel welcome and part of the group from day one. The classes use creative games and easy exercises to strengthen core muscles, improve balance and reaction time and encourage laughing and friendship.  Both cardiovascular and muscle endurance will improve with each session and difficulty level will slowly progress over the ten weeks.

Mums will be given an optional take home exercise task to perform each week and report back with their results to the group.

Fit Blitz is a social fitness group that uses exercise and playful fitness to connect community members and help friendships and support networks blossom.

On the completion of the physical aspect of the program each morning, mums will have an opportunity to stay for a coffee and chat to create rapport and social support with other group members. The Instructor will either facilitate or designate a co-ordinated visit from other community groups to create interest and strengthen community networks.

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Group Fitness Classes Nambour Nambour PCYC, 3 Youth Avenue Tuesday, 9.30 am Maximum 15 per class
This class is fully booked. Register for the waitlist.

Coolum Beach - Outdoor

OMG Training and Fitness has been running fun outdoor group training sessions in Peregian Springs and Coolum for over 3 years. Head Trainer, Danielle Lyons, is a mother of two young boys and understands the desire to get back into shape and the benefits of strengthening your core after having children. New mums will get motivated, lose weight and regain their energy.  All while meeting other great mums and having fun while they work out! 

Join Danielle and other mums in a tailored 60 minute outdoor class using a range of activities to keep you motivated and feeling great.  

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Outdoor Group Fitness Class Coolum Beach Lions Park, David Low Way Tuesday, 9 am Maximum 15 per class
This session is fully booked 
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Boxing fitness


Steve Pitt is the owner and Head Coach of Hinterland Boxing Club. He has taught boxing fitness to women with a high percentage being mums. Steve will work with mums and take each individual's ability and fitness level into consideration. 

Boxing Fitness will be a one hour session, including a general and specific warm up, the core of the session, followed by a warm down and stretch. The core of the session comprises of low to moderate intensity (in the initial period of training)  boxing specific drills for participants of any skill and fitness level.  This includes bag and pad work, agility, coordination and balance tasks. 

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Boxing Fitness Beerwah Hinterland Boxing Club, Mawhinney Street Thursday, 11 am Maximum 15 per class. This class is fully booked. Register for the waitlist                       


Come join Tralee from Get HIIT for a boxfit session in Creekwood, designed especially for women and all levels of fitness from beginners to more experienced. Boxfit helps to increase your general fitness, it incorporates basic boxing moves and you don’t need to have high coordination. It’s great for cardio fitness, muscle tone and weight loss. Pads and gloves are provided at the sessions. Have fun, get fit and bring the kids along as there is a child friendly playground and shaded play pen provided.

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Boxing Fitness  Meridan Plains Creekwood Park, Creekwood Avenue Tueday, 10.30 am Maximum 14 per class.
This session is fully booked
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Postnatal and core strength

Edwina Griffin has specialised in women's health for over 20 years and developed a pregnancy and postnatal accreditation program for personal trainers nationally. She first developed the Fitmum program in 1995 and continues to work with mums during pregnancy and post-natal in classes and online. She has a holistic approach, with a focus on the interconnection of body, mind and spirit. 

Fit mum classes are specific to post-natal needs, progressing from building core muscles (pelvic floor, transverse abdominals and gluteal muscles) to ensure a stable, strong foundation building to higher levels of strength and fitness training. There will be plenty of fun as you progress from more supportive movements on fitballs to boxing and running circuits later in the program. There is plenty of variety in the sessions as we combine various modalities of Pilates mat work, yoga, boxing, cardio fitness and fitball training with plenty of laughs along the way!

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Postnatal Core Strength Coolum Beach Coolum Anglican Church Hall, 25 Beach Street Thursday, 11.30 am Maximum 15 per class. This class is fully booked. Register for the waitlist.
Postnatal Core Strength Nambour Nambour PCYC, Youth Street  Wednesday 9.30 am  Maximum 15 per class. This class is fully booked. Register for the waitlist

Mums and bubs yoga

A nurturing space for mums and bubs to come together and learn a range of skills to cope with the pressures of being a parent and how to incorporate yoga into everyday life as well as with your children. These skills will taught through breath work and physical movement which are designed to aid in recovery and rejuvenation of body and mind.


Yoga teaches us to be comfortable in our own skin and to make peace with who we are whatever shape or form that comes in. Eleisha is a mum herself and understands how much yoga can help to cope with the challenges of being a mum as well as challenges in life. 

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Mums and Bubs Group Yoga  Landsborough Landsborough Hall, 3246 Gympie Street South, Landsborough (Rocky Creek Campsite Main Hall). Tuesday, 10.30 am Maximum 15 per class. This class is fully booked. Register for the waitlist.

Moffat Beach

The Yoga NRG Team are dedicated health and fitness professionals who commit to empowering you and the wider community to be healthier, happier and more aware of how to love themselves at a holistic level. From your very first Yoga NRG class you start feeling better, simply because your body and mind has just begun to become cleaner or less cluttered. The move toward harmony begins immediately.

Mums and Bubs Yoga is the perfect way to be the example you would like to set right from the earliest possible opportunity. These classes are a great way to bond with your baby and receive support and connect with other mums.

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Outdoor Group Yoga  Moffat Beach Moffat Beach Park, Bryce Street Tuesday, 9 am Maximum 15 per class
This class is fully booked.
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Healthy Sunshine Coast Seniors, Stronger Community Mental Health and Well-being Program

In conjunction with the Queensland Mental Health Commission, council is running a 16 week mental heath and welling initiative for Sunshine Coast seniors (over 50) living with a mental illness or for those wanting to improve their overall mental health and well-being. 

The 16 week program will commence on Wednesday 21 November and will be offered to 30 participants. Participants will set individual goals towards the improvement of their physical health, followed by an experiential session connecting participants with existing community based activity programs. The program includes transportation for participants in rural and remote areas or those without access to public transport. A light lunch is also provided.

Activity  Suburb Address Time Booking
Stronger Community Mental Health and Well-being Program Maroochydore Maroochydore Neighborhood Centre, 2 Fifth Avenue. Wednesdays commencing 21 November
10 - 12.30 pm, includes lunch.
For enquiries and bookings contact 5443 7281

YMCA Caloundra  Stronger Senior Gymnastics

The Stronger Seniors class is based on regaining the fundamental movement patterns essential to the functionality of human life. Improve your balance, stability, flexibility, strength and much more.

Activity  Suburb  Address Booking
 Seniors Gymnastics Caloundra Arthur Street (between the pool and tennis court)  Bookings are essential through YMCA Caloundra on 5438 0944