Eligibility & Applicant Support
  • Last updated:
  • 02 Aug 2017


Who can apply for funding?

Not-for-profit community organisations that:

  • operate within the Sunshine Coast local government area or can demonstrate the project, activity or event will benefit residents of the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area
  • have appropriate insurance and adhere to sound workplace health and safety practices
  • are able to demonstrate viability
  • have no debt to council, or have entered into scheduled payment arrangements with council which are being met
  • have met acquittal conditions for previous council grants.

If a community organisation is not a legal not-for-profit entity or recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a not-for-profit type, the application must be auspiced and administered by such a group.

Successful recipients of the 50th Anniversary Fund will still be eligible to apply for other council grants and funding.  

Who cannot apply?

Applications cannot be made by:

  • government agencies or departments of local, state or federal government.
  • educational, religious or medical organisations, where the application is for the organisation’s core business.
  • businesses.

Conditions of funding

Branding and logo

All funded activities, projects and events will be required to use the specifically designed commemorative 50th Anniversary logo and be included in Sunshine Coast Council promotions of the yearlong program of celebrations.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain the relevant approvals associated with the event/activity/project. For a Temporary Event Permit on council’s public open space please visit council’s website for an application form.  


50th Anniversary funding must be claimed within three months of notification. In some instances, there may be specific funding conditions that need to be met before payment can be made. If the applicant is being auspiced, payment will be made to the auspicing organisation.


All grant money must be acquitted within eight weeks of completion of the activity, project or event.

Applicant support

For further information please contact council’s Grants Team:

Note: Office hours are 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays). 

Successful recipients

 Category A & B Successful recipients[84KB]