• Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

Community Partnership Funding Program applications must be aligned to council’s Corporate Plan priorities and linked to council’s core business and vision for the future.

Applications, and any other relevant information provided, will be assessed against both:

General assessment criteria

The assessment criteria will inform the assessment process, determine funding priorities and guide funding distribution.

Alignment to council’s Corporate Plan

Community need and support

  • Demonstrate clear and identified community need for the services, facilities or programs
  • Demonstrate clear evidence of community support for the services, facilities or programs

Planning and delivery

  • Proven engagement with the community
  • A collaborative approach to the development of the service, facilities or program
  • A well-planned and achievable strategic/operational/ business plan for delivery
  • A clear evaluation framework

Organisational capacity

  • Demonstrated capacity to deliver for the duration of the partnership
  • Evidence of:
    • sound financial management
    • sustainable budgeting
    • effective business planning processes
    • clear risk assessment
    • principles of good governance


  • Realistic budget reflecting application scope and scale
  • Budget reflecting true operational costs and correlation with community benefit and identified outcomes

Specific category assessment criteria

Priority will be given to services, facilities and programs which best achieve the specific priorities, relating to each category: