• Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

The following eligibility criteria apply for the Community Partnership Funding Program.

Applicants may submit only one partnership proposal per round, either through the Community Partnership Funding Program or through Environment Levy Partnerships.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the Community Partnership Funding Program Guidelines in full before applying for funding:

Who can apply

Not-for-profit community organisations that:

  • operate within the Sunshine Coast local government area
  • are a legal not-for-profit entity
  • have appropriate insurance and adhere to sound workplace health and safety practices
  • are working towards or maintaining self-sufficiency and can demonstrate viability
  • have no debt to council, or have entered into scheduled payment arrangements with council which are being met
  • have met acquittal conditions from previous council grants
  • are established (this program does not support seed/startup funding).

Who cannot apply

 Applications cannot be made by:

  • government agencies or departments of local, state or federal government
  • educational, religious or medical organisations, where the application is for the organisation’s core business
  • businesses
  • individuals
  • organisations eligible under the Sports Field Maintenance Funding Program
  • organisations where the application is connected to political activities

What is eligible for funding

This program offers funding for ongoing/recurrent expenses, for example, insurance, electricity and maintenance. This program does not support one-off projects. One-off projects may be eligible under council’s Community Grants Program.