• Last updated:
  • 16 Dec 2015

Note: Applicants may submit only one partnership proposal per round, either through the Environment Levy Partnerships or the Community Partnership Funding Program.

Who can apply 

Community organisations who meet all of the following criteria:

  • operate within the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area or are able to demonstrate that the program will benefit residents and environment of the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area
  • are able to demonstrate viability and are working towards becoming self-sufficient.
  • are willing to participate with council in defining, through the EOI period, mutually agreed partnership deliverables, measures and reporting requirements
  • have no debt to council, or have entered into scheduled payment arrangements with council which are being adhered to, and/or have met acquittal conditions for previous council grants
  • are solely based in and focused on the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area (not state or Australia wide)
  • are incorporated, or are an Australian Public Company-Limited by Guarantee
  • have appropriate insurance and adhere to sound Workplace Health and Safety practices

Note: Priority will be given to applications where council funding can be used to leverage funding from other tiers of government.

Who cannot apply


  • Government agencies or departments of local, state or federal government
  • Educational, religious or medical organisations, where the application is for the organisation’s core business
  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Organisations where the application is connected to political activities


What is eligible for funding

Up to $5,000 funding is available as a contribution to support the organisation’s general administration and operational expenses.

Applications for amounts greater than $5,000 can be made, but will be subject to mutually agreed deliverables negotiated during the collaborative Expression of Interest (EOI) process.