Immanuel Lutheran Arts Festival
RADF Committee and Assessment
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Oct 2017

The RADF Committee assesses funding applications for recommendation to council. Committee members are selected for their expertise in:

  • the arts
  • their understanding of developing the cultural potential of the region
  • their willingness to volunteer for this workload.

There are over one hundred applications to read and assess each year. Requests for funding total more than three times the funds available.

The assessment process is based on the principles and criteria for individual categories as set out in the RADF guidelines[177KB]. This process ensures recommendations for funding develop quality arts practice for the region.

2017/18 RADF Committee   

  • Ross Hepworth (cultural tourism, marketing, creative industries)
  • Michael Shadforth (cultural tourism, marketing, creative industries)  
  • Judith Pippen (arts business development)
  • Mark Ferris (IT and the arts, theatre, music, multimedia)
  • Nycole Prowse (theatre, writing, festivals, community cultural development)
  • Kim Schoenberger (visual arts, craft, design, festivals)
  • Jenai Hooke (textile artist, workshops)

Committee responsibilities

The ongoing responsibilities of the committee are to:

  • attend and participate in RADF meetings (approximately 4 - 6 per year)
  • assess RADF applications
  • ensure that funding is aligned with the appropriate criteria and council priorities
  • inform the RADF bidding and reporting cycles
  • participate in RADF Committee training
  • promote the RADF program
  • inform the RADF Liaison Officer if unable to attend a meeting.


For more information, contact council's customer service centre on (07) 5475 7272 and ask for the RADF Liaison Officer, or email