Recycling Facilities
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  • 19 Oct 2017

Council operates many waste management facilities across the Sunshine Coast that includes resource recovery centres and recycling markets. Council's aim is to:

  • provide convenient, customer-focused waste disposal for residents
  • help residents to participate in resource recovery for re-use and recycling
  • provide not-for-profit sales outlets for re-distributing recovered items.

Council recovers goods and resources from the waste materials that are delivered to these centres. This includes goods that can be sold for re-use, and construction materials such as steel and concrete that can be re-processed and recycled. It also includes all other common recyclables that are collected in the yellow top bins (such as cardboard, paper, cans, etc.).

Note: Council does not provide a public weighbridge at any of its facilities.

Resource recovery centres

When you arrive at a resource recovery centre you will drive through a sorting area. The officers will inspect your load and assist you to remove any items that can be recycled, re-sold, repaired or restored.

Most of the recyclables can be deposited free of charge. So if you separate your recyclables from the rubbish, your trip to the tip will cost you less. For example, the following are free:

  • clothing and clean rags
  • engine oil (domestic quantities)
  • any metal objects such as roofing iron, car exhausts and white goods
  • paint and hazardous chemicals (domestic quantities)
  • all items that are accepted in the yellow lidded recycling bin
  • items that can be sold via recycle markets such as furniture, toys and building materials. These items must be in saleable condition
  • mattresses
  • fridges and freezers.

You will be charged for any remaining items in the load. The person at the gate will direct you to the correct area to unload. You will save more money if you separate your garden waste items into:

  • green waste
  • timber
  • rubble
  • metal.

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